Wednesday, December 31, 2014

El Redentor Has Two New Angels

Earlier this year we began taking turns bringing my dad to his church, El Redentor Lutheran. The service is in Spanish, and while we don't speak Spanish the people of the church are the kindest, most welcoming group. Our girls have enjoyed attending Sunday school with the other children and playing after the service out on the lawn. There is always food after church in the fellowship room and they had a big church picnic this summer as well. The church was a huge part of my dad's life before his brain tumor diagnosis and is even more important to him now. They are like a second family to him and have supported him and our family throughout his illness. They had a Christmas church service last Sunday which included a performance by the children of the nativity. The older girls narrated (in English) and everyone had a part.
Gemma and Lily were angels and Gemma also carried the star that shone above baby Jesus. She could not have been more serious carrying that shiny gold star.
Bella carried baby Jesus and delivered him to Mary. It was truly her broadway dream moment.
The performance was darling with all the classic Christmas carols.
The angels marched in a circle around the manger singing, it was the most darling thing ever.
After the stellar performance we gathered in the fellowship hall for a pot luck lunch and then....Santa came! I thought he had already left for vacation but it seems he made a lay over for one quick visit to church. His reindeer was a beautiful rescue dog named Luna.
He had a special gift for each child.
I think Santa was pretty tired and ready for a few weeks in Hawaii.
Mr. Lee got some great gifts too. His best friend Cira gave him a polo shirt. She has brought food every single Sunday for after church so that my Dad could enjoy it. She makes all his favorites and sends him home with left overs.
In case you need to see the angels in action. 
We have all had a chance to get to know Dad's church family as Eric takes him to church too and when Joel is in town he and his family do as well. We know all the words to the order of service in Spanish now. They pray for my dad's health every Sunday and he scoffs from his wheel chair because he does not think he is ill. There are very few things that he can get excited about enough to get out of bed and church, and jammin java are high on the list.

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