Sunday, December 14, 2014

Granny's Birthday Weekend

We spent the weekend in Carpinteria for Granny's birthday. It was on a Sunday this year and happened to coincide with the Carp Christmas parade on Saturday. Lucky us! Granny was even marching in the parade with her keep Carpinteria beautiful committee so we had to cheer her on.
Nothing better than a small town parade. You wander out of your house ten minutes before the start time and park your wagon at the curb down the road. Then comes the tractor!
Here comes Granny's group. They carried a banner and walked alongside an old 60's woody.
Here comes Granny carrying her beautiful sign.
The girls made up a special cheer for Granny and everyone thought they were so cute.
Some of the groups handed out candy canes. Winner winner! These girls ate about 4 each!
Santa was in the parade too, in a horse drawn carriage. Guess the reindeer had the day off.
Ms. Senior California was also present. Gives me something to aim for in the over 65 years.
We liked Santa's beer wench elves from Island Bewery too.
The kids favorites took up the finale.....trash man......
and lastly....fireman.
This is how we do Christmas parades at the beach folks.
On Granny's birthday we all went to brunch at Sly's in town and then showered her with gifts and of course decadent chocolate mousse cake. Looks like a grand weekend and looking forward to more holiday fun.

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