Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Griswold's have nothing on this family

When was the last time the whole crew was in town for Christmas? Who knows? It was so good to have the Portland crew come down for a couple days before Christmas. Having the whole crew together was fun, and loud. Ben loves all his cousins. Charlie was kind enough to play him some music.
The other part of the crew was watching Frosty the snow man with Grandpa Lee. He was snoozing more than watching but he was up and about for the most part of the two days which is a record for him.
It was 75 degrees out and there may have been a little water play. It started with some innocent "stew" making which is Lily and Gemma's favorite past time at Goppy's house. After the stew was finished there was some bucket tossing and generally everyone got pretty wet and made a huge mess. Cleaning it up was half the fun though.
We spent the evening exchanging gifts for all the little ones. That was a huge hit. Baby Gwyn even seemed to have fun.

We gave Owen a money tree. I wonder how long it took him to disassemble and spend?
The gifts were soon demolished and after much fun we headed home to rest up for day two.
The next day we met up at Ben's house to check out his sweet tree house. 
Some day Gwyn will lay claim to the house I'm sure so Ben better enjoy his time now.
The audience was enjoying the warm weather and views of above.
We let Ben nap and headed to our house so Charlie could do some acrobatics on our trampoline. We wanted to take advantage of the beautiful evening light and get some pictures. Eric wasn't home from work yet so we had to make do without him.
Or maybe he showed up at the last minute, you be the judge.

Grandpa Lee, Goppy and all their babies. Gemma snuck a sneakie one with Grandpa's glasses.
That's a little better.
That night we loaded up in the McCluskey's 12 passenger van and drove around looking at Christmas lights. All the kiddies had cups of cocoa with marshmallows and whip cream. Joel brought up all the words to Christmas tunes on his phone and we had a giant sing along. My Dad rode up front with Eric driving. He had a great time and said the singing was his favorite part.We all enjoyed being together. Perhaps it will be a new tradition

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