Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Holly Jolly Christmas 2014

Every year we prepare our Christmas card we realize how few family photos we have taken through the year. In an effort to remedy this we set up the tripod on Christmas eve before church to take a photo. The trial run with Alex and the girls went well.Side note-Alex has been growing a beard since Thanksgiving, calling it Decembeard. I like the way it looks but his Mum is not impressed.
Then add myself and the dog and the timer, things got pretty interesting. This is the best of the batch. It is the only proof I existed over Christmas since I was always the one behind the camera. We headed to Christmas Eve church at my grandma's church to meet up with family. It is the first Christmas without my Gram and it was nice to be at her church but hard all the same. 
We returned home after church to have supper and head to bed so Santa could come. We sprinkled reindeer food on the lawn from Gemma's preschool teacher. We left cookies and milk for Santa and tucked in for bed. The girls woke bright and early with Gemma going in to wake Lily and being told by her it was still night time and we wouldn't allow them to get up yet. It was about 6 am and although it was still dark we all dragged ourselves out of bed. We always start with stockings which hold enough goodies that we could probably just stop right there.
Santa's gifts were first up. Winston was quite pleased with is stocking. Let's see how long his toys last this year.
Gemma got her prized gift of Elsa light up shoes. She has hardly taken them off since that morning. They were a big hit and bring her much happiness.
Grampy knows his boy well. Alex was very pleased with his remote control helicopter.
Lily's wish list included a remote control car which she loves.
Granny and Grampy got the girls roller skates and they were thrilled. Charlie got some a few days earlier and they were so impressed they wished for some of their own.
The automatic birds Lily wanted nearly brought her to tears. I thought they would be annoying but they are actually really cute. They sing to each other and know tons of tunes.
Gemma's other dream was a singing Elsa watch which happened to come in a Frozen jewelry box. She has carried that thing around with all her best treasures in it for a week. Her treasures include tic tacs, gum, band aids, and lip gloss of course.
Once the gifts were demolished and the sun had risen we forced the young ones to have some breakfast before moving on to skating.
It was a steep learning curve but they are catching on quickly.
Safety first we have all the gear. The only part not protected that they seem to constantly fall on is their bum! Maybe we will strap couch cushions to them and let them go!
After a nice Christmas supper of Roast Beef, Yorkshire pudding and all the trimmings we headed to Grandma Great's house to see the whole Peterson crew. It was quite a crowd and so good to see everyone. I know Grandma would be so proud and was there with us in spirit. 2014 was a difficult year for all our family but it was also full of so many memories.

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