Monday, December 22, 2014

Our Star is Born

Gemma's preschool Christmas performance was bittersweet this year. It is the end of an era. There will be no more sweet little preschool shows since next year Gemma will head to a new school for transitional Kindergarden. She got all dressed up in her shiny red dress and shoes. It was a Christmas miracle in itself that she agreed to wear an appropriate outfit!
 See, perfect angel.
 Her program includes four year olds, three years, and the tiny two's. To say the parents go a little nutty with the paparazzi to get pictures is putting it mildly. I have more shots of parents heads, arms, and camera's than I do of Gemma.
 She did so well and sang to every song with all the motions. We have lots of little video clips too which are fun to watch.
 The grand finale they bring in the fours dressed in the nativity costumes and sing "Away in a manger."  It's maybe the cutest thing every. Gemma came marching in dressed as the STAR!!!
 It really suits her to be the star. She is one of a kind and shines bright for sure. She was so proud of herself. Her teachers all told us how much fun she is to have in class and how much spunky personality she has but that she is such a great kid and gets along so well with everyone. That's our Gemma.

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