Sunday, December 14, 2014

Santa Baby

We have officially built the tradition of going to see Santa with our cousins and this year we had new baby Gwyneth to join us! It was a success. All the "big" kids were happy to see the big guy.
Lily and Gemma love seeing Santa and always bring their list to share with him. This year I lost the "what to wear for Santa pictures" battle with Gemma. She insisted on wearing her Elsa dress OVER her Christmas skirt and then adorning it with a floral headband and Elsa necklace. You can't see that she has a gold sequin skirt under her dress so all was not lost.
Lily's wish list: remote control car, cocye stuffy (don't ask), automatic bird, bat costume, new head bands, shopkins, driving car (for her to drive). Also threw in some new head bands for Gemma. 
 Gemma's wish list:

Ben did so well after last Christmas with Santa. He even hugged the big guy and told him he wanted Thomas trains.
Let's hope Gwynny does as well next year when she realizes a strange guy covered in red velvet is holding her. 

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  1. Such cute pictures!!!! It is an annual tradition for sure.