Sunday, December 14, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

We spent Thanksgiving this year at Grandpa Lee and Goppy's house. Aunt Carol was there of course and wearing her harvest sweater. We enjoyed a wonderful feast and of course we were so eager to dig in we took no photos until after supper. We ate pretty early so we would have plenty of time to make room for desserts! Granny bought the girls new dresses for the occasion and they were so pretty and proud.
The two sisters. Not Anna and Elsa.....Mom and Carol of course.
We went outside to get a picture of the Davis family. It was a Thanksgiving miracle we got a good one, everyone was behaving (Gemma) and it was in focus. Goppy was our photographer and she hasn't taken a photo since 1987.
As is tradition we decorate a gingerbread house after dinner. This year it was a gingerbread train?
These two wouldn't care if we decorated a cardboard box as long as they got to lick frosting and eat half the candy.
It was all hands on deck. Carol was providing ample advice from the couch.
The kits come pretty well stocked and we supplemented with all our Halloween candy.
Quality control means you have to eat one for every one you decorate.
The finished product. Pretty sloppy. Not winning any awards this year ladies.
Grandpa Lee was pretty chipper for the big meal and then went to take a long nap while we decorated candy houses. We did manage to rally him again after a few hours to join us again. He gets tired out pretty easily and it is hard for him to manage with the noise and crowds. He loves him some Aunt Carol and while he gave the blessing before dinner thanked God that we had another Thanksgiving with Carol and that his grand daughters were part of his church and Sunday school. Right about that time he was redirected to say "Come Lord Jesus" before his prayer kept us from our food too long. Never a dull moment at the Peterson home. I think we all felt pretty Thankful to have our meal with these two this year though.

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