Sunday, February 8, 2015

January Showers Bring....Lot's Of Colds

January started so well. Sunny and green after a few showers. We took in a couple hikes to enjoy it.

One near home, and one at Griffith Park.
Then it starts to turn sour. First up an eye infection for Lily. Nothing a little home made chicken soup can't cure.
Then Gemma bit the dust with a terrible cold.
 She did not appreciate her trip to the doctor or the flu test.
Of course, as soon as Gemma was looking up, Lily had her turn.
After so many days cooped up at home we had to get creative, kids yoga.
 Then as January came to a close it was nearly the 100th day of school. Lily had to collect 100 of the same item (she chose cotton balls) and make a way to display it.
 We are hoping February treats us better!

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