Sunday, April 19, 2015

Grandpa Lee's Birthday

Grandpa Lee celebrated his 72nd birthday on Sunday April 12th. It was meant to be that his birthday fell on a Sunday and we had a big party at his church with family and friends. The Sunday school children got up to sing Happy Birthday at the end of the service. We've never seen this many kids in Sunday school!!! Cousin Reese, Gemma, Lily and Ben all fit right in.
After the service everyone heads into the fellowship room. We planned a big feast for the party. His church friends planned a great surprise before the meal. A mariachi band!!!
It was perfect. He was shocked and it was the happiest I have seen him in a long time.
All his ladies flocked around him.
The band sang happy birthday and then stayed an hour serenading everyone.
Dad's best friend Cira. She made two huge pans of her famous flan and there was not a drop left.
Pastor Loza giving him a big high five.
Pastor said a prayer and everyone could dig in to the meal.
There were at least 75 people there and all the kids running around.
One of Pop's request for his party was a "jolly jumper" for the kids. He always wants to make sure the kids have a fun time.
Tim hangs out with little Leland. He is so cute.
We all posed with the band before they had to say good bye.
Don't forget about Aunt Carol. She used to attend El Redentor back in the day and everyone there knows her. Her memory is failing and I don't think she remembered anyone but she had a great time. Always happy and smiling, and a few heckling comments from her chair.
Now look at this sweet face. Gwyn might have lost her nap to the sound of a Mariachi band but it didn't stop her from having a good time.
The whole Peterson crew representing.
Dad's best pal Tony and his family, Maria little Leland and daughter Maria. They are just the best people on the planet and love Mr. Lee so much.
The bible study crew. They meet at the church every Thursday evening and Tim has been welcomed into the group since he has been driving Dad to church Thursday nights.
This video really says it all when Martha surprised Dad with the band.

Now that we have learned his cancer has started growing again it makes this birthday all the more special to be able to celebrate him.

Spring Break - Morro Bay

The stars were aligned this year and both girls spring break was on the same week which also coordinated with Kristen's kids break. You know what that means....beach vacation with the Pofahls!!

We took off for three days up to Morro bay to meet up with our pals and have some fun. We took our time driving up the coast and stopped off in Pismo Beach for lunch. Can't get much better than this.
 Lily is all about Mermaids and lucky for her Gemma was willing to play pirate.
 We met up with Nate, Kristen, Charlotte and Elias at the home of their family friend who kindly let us stay there while she was out of town. We drove up to a seal sanctuary the first full day. The seals were littered on the beach.
It was just north of Hearst Castle. We would have liked to tour that but it is not really the kids idea of a good time. The seals were good enough this time.
They did not smell too bad, Gemma is just the girl of a million silly faces.
The seals were in and out of the water, barking and playing. There were two kinds of seals that come to these beaches every year around this time.

We spent the afternoon back at the beach in Morro Bay. We all collected tons of sand dollars. I have never seen so many, they were every two steps on the beach. I really like the barnacle ones.
See what I did there? Couples photo and the famous Morro rock!!!
It was a bit cool but it didn't slow any of us down. The northern California crew is used to beach time like this.
Oh, and kids don't care either.

Shivering Gemma was not afraid of getting wet.
Charlotte and Gemma put on some wet suits and hit the waves on boogey boards.
Our last full day we started out exploring around the big famous Morro rock. The girls loved scrambling around on the rocks watching the sea otters.
After exploring we rented an electric boat for an hour to tour the little harbor.
Those are all the little otters we were watching from those very rocks.
All the kids got a couple turns at captaining the boat. Don't tell Nate, he thought he was the captain.
Some snoozy sea lions were not impressed with how close we breezed by.
The boat crew was getting hungry so we knew it was time for fish and chips.
After lunch our crew headed to a fun playground. There were many rounds of pirates and zombies. Why is it so much fun to play parents chase the kids?
Lily the giant.
My sweet little freckle face.
Our last evening in Morro we hung out at the house and the kids set up a shell shop with the sand dollars they collected at the beach. They made signs, set out their product and stood outside to attract (harass)  the locals to buy some shells. They did pretty well and made some good money the last morning when the neighborhood garage sales were going strong.
I'm pretty sure if you asked the kids what the best part of vacation was they would say the shell shop. So much for all the fun activities we planned!  Next time we're sitting around drinking wine while they sell shells in the street for three days.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Easter Sunday 2015

Our basket hunters were up bright and early on Easter morning to find their goodies. We could hear them creeping around the house at about 6:30am with no luck. Then they came to wake us up for reinforcements. Somehow Daddy knew just where to steer them to look.
The baskets were located and the contents were a hit. Stuffed kitty for each which are a favorite item lately. Of course a chocolate bunny and some other goodies and candy.
After playing and eating breakfast it was time to get ready for church. We all met at Ascension Lutheran (Gemma's preschool church) for service. I couldn't help but get the girls pretty matching dresses. It won't be long before they veto my choice or refuse to match so I have to take advantage.
Of course getting a certain someone to pose nicely is nearly impossible. There were bribes and threats but nothing really works on this girl. She also insisted on wearing her cross necklace and Elsa watch with her dress. Whatever works.
After a very packed Easter service we headed back to our house with the crew for brunch. Goppy made all the kids little backpacks with goodies. Frozen for the girls and Thomas for Ben.They were a hit.
We played outside for a while with our Mimosas before eating.
After lunch we managed to pose the kids before things started to get nutty and fall apart. Let's just say two days of sugar over load and no real food did not go over well.
These are a cute bunch of loving cousisn. Gwyn was sitting so nicely and smiling too.
Until she got tackled and squished of course.

We couldn't help but making a cousin tower. Hilarious.
The kids were on the verge of melting down so we quickly did our egg hunt before it was time for naps.
The eggs were everywhere, except in the bushes and is snake season after all.
Ben did really good, he had practice the day before.

Once again a huge haul of eggs.
Of course we didn't manage a family photo until hours later when I finally set up the tripod and forced everyone outside before they changed out of their dresses.
It was a bit of a crazy fun Easter.