Friday, April 3, 2015

Davis' do Disney

We've been saving up credit card points and gift cards for over a year to treat ourselves to a day at the happiest place on earth! We timed our trip so we would miss the holiday rush and took a day off mid week to beat the crowds. Our planning payed off and we had a great day at Disneyland with pretty much no lines!!  

First stop is always Fantasyland. Since Peter Pan was closed we headed to cousin Ben's favorite ride first, Casey Jr Circus Train. We rode in the pink monkey car of course.
There were lots of characters roaming around without all the big crowds so you could just pop by for a picture. When does that happen? We had never seen Tiana out before. She was in her home town, New Orleans square. We haven't seen the movie Princess and the Frog yet but we didn't tell her that.
The girls love driving the cars in Autopia. It makes for one giggly bumpy ride. This was the only ride we stood in line for but they loved it.
Good old Mr. Toads.
A couple spins on the carousel of course. We photo bombed Daddy's selfie.
We still love the tea cups and the girls spin it to try to make the parents feel ill. It usually works.
The big difference on the this trip was both girls had grown so much we could go on almost all the rides together!!! Gemma was tall enough for Big Thunder Mountain which is a roller coaster. Her first one. We didn't really tell them about the ride, we just got on. Lily screamed the whole time and Gemma rode the whole way with her hands in the air. Immediately after she said, "Let's do that again!"
We also all went on Space Mountain which is a bigger roller coaster. It was hilarious. Gemma couldn't get enough. Lily was tall enough for Indiana Jones so I took her on since again, no lines. It was so fun. I think she might not exactly agree.
They close at 8pm on week days in Spring which was just fine by us. We had ridden ever ride in the park practically and were pooped.  
The castle all lit up at night and our two mousketeers.
Updated: Davis do California Adventure too!

We returned to Disney in May to use our second day of our ticket. This time we decided to visit California Adventure land. They have some new Frozen theme features. We knew this would be a big hit.
 The Frozen sing along is really cute. The characters come on stage and they show clips from the movie you can sing along with.

 We took off on a Wednesday so the crowds wouldn't be too bad. We got lucky and the weather was cool too. It still felt crowded but we didn't wait in any lines and rode many of the rides twice.
 The swings were a big hit. Now that Gemma is tall enough to partake we could all go.

We even road the grizzly rapids and got pretty wet!
 A big favorite is the cars ride. We got a fast pass as soon as the park opened so it was quick. This one is always crowded so it was fun to all get to ride without a wait. Gemma rode up front with Alex and her hair was blasted away! Ha! Lily screamed the whole she does on all the fast rides.
 The carousel never gets old.
It was such a fun family day. There is nothing quite as good as waking the girls up on a school day and telling them we are actually headed to Disneyland! It is a really long day but we realize by about 6 pm we have ridden every single ride in the park and since everyone is tired we feel satisfied heading home. 
Now we're thinking about saving up a couple years for a trip to Disney World. We'll see!

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