Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Easter Fun

Part of the fun of holidays is making traditions out of activities we enjoy year after year. We have been coloring Easter eggs every year since Lily was born. It is something we all enjoy and it gets better each year. This year both girls were really into it and spent hours working on their eggs. 

I get more clever each year with experience. This year I boiled a dozen eggs for EACH girl so we had plenty to work with. I boiled them well in advance so they were pretty sturdy and we did it outside thanks to some pretty great weather. We put down a plastic disposable table cloth and didn't worry one bit about mess.
We used a combo of egg dye kits from years past and food coloring. The result was some pretty great bold colors.
Once we had all the eggs colored we moved on to phase two. Decorating. We used all kinds of craft supplies we had lying about. Most of them required a glue gun to attach.
Gemma's feather chick egg.
Lily used jewels and puff balls.
She had even decorated an egg carton with paint and glitter the day before at Create studio.
The day before Easter we headed to Goppy's church for their Easter egg hunt. This has also become a tradition the girls talk about all year long. 
We brought cousin Ben along with us and he had a blast. There was a serious haul of goodies.
They were good at sharing and really good at sampling.
Happy hunters and their baskets.
They also have activities and a bouncy houses after the hunt. These kids went straight for cookie decorating. Ben's technique was eat your first one plain while you decorate a second one with the other hand.
Cousin Reese and Connall joined us as well! Gemma and Reese have become big time pals. It is so cute.
They had rock painting which is right up Lily's alley.
The whole crew had a great time.
Reese and Gemma were not to be left out of the painting fun.
I think we may be egg hunting and decorating well into their teens around here.

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