Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Easter Sunday 2015

Our basket hunters were up bright and early on Easter morning to find their goodies. We could hear them creeping around the house at about 6:30am with no luck. Then they came to wake us up for reinforcements. Somehow Daddy knew just where to steer them to look.
The baskets were located and the contents were a hit. Stuffed kitty for each which are a favorite item lately. Of course a chocolate bunny and some other goodies and candy.
After playing and eating breakfast it was time to get ready for church. We all met at Ascension Lutheran (Gemma's preschool church) for service. I couldn't help but get the girls pretty matching dresses. It won't be long before they veto my choice or refuse to match so I have to take advantage.
Of course getting a certain someone to pose nicely is nearly impossible. There were bribes and threats but nothing really works on this girl. She also insisted on wearing her cross necklace and Elsa watch with her dress. Whatever works.
After a very packed Easter service we headed back to our house with the crew for brunch. Goppy made all the kids little backpacks with goodies. Frozen for the girls and Thomas for Ben.They were a hit.
We played outside for a while with our Mimosas before eating.
After lunch we managed to pose the kids before things started to get nutty and fall apart. Let's just say two days of sugar over load and no real food did not go over well.
These are a cute bunch of loving cousisn. Gwyn was sitting so nicely and smiling too.
Until she got tackled and squished of course.

We couldn't help but making a cousin tower. Hilarious.
The kids were on the verge of melting down so we quickly did our egg hunt before it was time for naps.
The eggs were everywhere, except in the bushes and is snake season after all.
Ben did really good, he had practice the day before.

Once again a huge haul of eggs.
Of course we didn't manage a family photo until hours later when I finally set up the tripod and forced everyone outside before they changed out of their dresses.
It was a bit of a crazy fun Easter.

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