Sunday, April 19, 2015

Grandpa Lee's Birthday

Grandpa Lee celebrated his 72nd birthday on Sunday April 12th. It was meant to be that his birthday fell on a Sunday and we had a big party at his church with family and friends. The Sunday school children got up to sing Happy Birthday at the end of the service. We've never seen this many kids in Sunday school!!! Cousin Reese, Gemma, Lily and Ben all fit right in.
After the service everyone heads into the fellowship room. We planned a big feast for the party. His church friends planned a great surprise before the meal. A mariachi band!!!
It was perfect. He was shocked and it was the happiest I have seen him in a long time.
All his ladies flocked around him.
The band sang happy birthday and then stayed an hour serenading everyone.
Dad's best friend Cira. She made two huge pans of her famous flan and there was not a drop left.
Pastor Loza giving him a big high five.
Pastor said a prayer and everyone could dig in to the meal.
There were at least 75 people there and all the kids running around.
One of Pop's request for his party was a "jolly jumper" for the kids. He always wants to make sure the kids have a fun time.
Tim hangs out with little Leland. He is so cute.
We all posed with the band before they had to say good bye.
Don't forget about Aunt Carol. She used to attend El Redentor back in the day and everyone there knows her. Her memory is failing and I don't think she remembered anyone but she had a great time. Always happy and smiling, and a few heckling comments from her chair.
Now look at this sweet face. Gwyn might have lost her nap to the sound of a Mariachi band but it didn't stop her from having a good time.
The whole Peterson crew representing.
Dad's best pal Tony and his family, Maria little Leland and daughter Maria. They are just the best people on the planet and love Mr. Lee so much.
The bible study crew. They meet at the church every Thursday evening and Tim has been welcomed into the group since he has been driving Dad to church Thursday nights.
This video really says it all when Martha surprised Dad with the band.

Now that we have learned his cancer has started growing again it makes this birthday all the more special to be able to celebrate him.

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