Tuesday, May 12, 2015

El Capitan Canyon

For our Anniversary in March I gave Alex a card with a trip for us all to go on a camping weekend. We made our reservation and headed north of Santa Barbara to El Capitan Canyon. It is our version of camping, we sleep in a one room "cabin" with a bed for us and sleep loft for the girls. It has a bathroom and a mini kitchen. Really the kitchen is a tiny fridge, sink, and microwave. You can also cook on an out door fire pit. They call this glamping- glamorous camping- and it is about as close to camping as I am going to get with kids.

We arrived Friday evening just before dark. After getting settled in we spent a good hour listening to roaring giggles from the sleep loft above.
The cabin was reminiscent of "tiny house" living which the girls adore. 
In the morning we explored our site and headed to a docent led hike up to the llama pasture.It was a beautiful day and a great little hike. We reached the pasture and they had tons of goats and sheep we could feed as well. 
We had been chatting to the docent on the way up and once we reached the pens he handed me an 8 day old baby goat to hold. 
I have never been so swarmed by young girls in my life. Now I know what it feels like to be a pop star! The goat was so soft and so sweet. After about 20 minutes I handed him off to another Mom, just in case the goat decided he was going to pee or something. Pretty sure their not potty trained if you know what I mean.
We explored the llama pasture. They are pretty timid so you have to approach slowly.
Gemma took it in from a safe distance.
Lily wanted in on the action.
It was right over looking the beach and we had gorgeous weather.

After our hike and a quick bite of lunch back at camp we hit up the pool. It was heated but it wasn't a very hot day so it was a bit refreshing.
After an afternoon of relaxing it was time to build a fire to grill some burgers. The girls just wanted to get the show on the road towards smores time.
Alex was pretty proud of his fire making and grilling skills.
It was super tasty.
Finally it was smores time. We had an array of filling options. Gemma does not like marshmallows so she has chocolate sandwiches. I made home made graham crackers which really makes all the difference.
Lily used her own money to buy a souvenir in the camp shop. She bought a stuffed black kitty since the camp has a black cat that lives on the grounds. She named him midnight but really he is just called kitty.
She takes her smores seriously.
Alex had maybe the second smore of his life time. He was not impressed.
On Sunday, after a relaxed morning packing up we checked out of camp and headed to Santa Barbara for a bit. We knew of a fun playground and it was such a beautiful day. The girls had so much fun playing I think we could have just come here for a weekend.
Then it was a late brunch on State St to finish off the weekend. Gemma loves all kinds of food and drinks. She really loves coffee. Even without sugar! Alex had to share a bit of his mocha foam which was drizzled with chocolate.
I got the girls some puzzles and Lily's was a map of the USA. After studying it a bit she wanted to recreate it on the paper at the restaurant. We did a pretty good job I think!
What a fun weekend. I'm not sure we've converted to camping, or even "glamping" for that matter but it is so fun to get away as a family for some R&R.

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