Thursday, June 18, 2015

That's a wrap

The end of the school year always sneaks up on us. This year even more so since this was Gemma's last year in preschool. The end of an era!! Her school had a big fancy carnival to celebrate. With face paint.
Bouncy jumpers.
Balloon jet packs.
Rock walls to climb. Gemma did everything, twice, even ten times. She was unstoppable.
Saying good bye is always hard. Gemma's favorite teacher, Ms. Bonilla.
Mrs. Greco
Mrs. Bordokas.
Of course friends too.
Snow cones with the statue friends.

Lily's end of the year carried on two weeks after Gemma's. It was a long two weeks. They did have a field trip to the SB Zoo. It was the same day as Gemma's carnival so we couldn't come along. She had tons of fun with her pals. Maddy, Lily and Scarlett.
Scarlett giving Lily a lift.
The fave four, Brianna, Lily, Scarlett, and Maddy. They have been tight all year long.
Kids with summer birthdays got to celebrate early with the class during the last week of school. The class makes a special book for the birthday girl and you can bring in treats. Ms. Nicole read the book to Lily.
They all sang Happy Birthday to her as she got shy and did "weird hands".
The last few days of school were pretty relaxed. They painted posters for art at lunch.
Lily had a really hard time saying good bye to her teacher. She had many bouts of tears thinking about leaving her and moving on to second grade. Her solution was that Ms. Nicole should just come to second grade and teach her again.
The last day they had an aloha theme party in the class. Her room mom went over and above. The kids had a great time!
It was also free dress so the kids were colorful.
We are all sad to say good bye to 1st grade. I can't believe how quickly the year passed. I just hope she has such a good experience in 2nd grade. 
Now we have a couple months of "mom camp". The girls will be doing one week at the park department camp, and of course one week of VBS. 

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