Saturday, July 18, 2015

Happy July 4th

We spent the holiday weekend in Carp with Granny and Grampy. It was overcast until afternoon. I guess July didn't get the memo that June gloom was supposed to be over. As soon as the sun popped out we headed down to the beach. 
I really think next year they need to get a bigger flag. 
See how sunny and bright it is? It wasn't really, just my mad camera skills. The gray skies didn't keep people away, the beach was packed. Lily is all about kitty's these days so they had to crawl down the beach.
We headed away from the crowds. We like to walk the shore but these two rascals just want to dig and splash in the waves.

We woke bright and early on the fourth to head up to Ojai for the parade. It was Granny & Grampy's first ever 4th July in America!! We had to show them the ropes. 
You HAVE to dress in red, white, and blue. More points for more bling.
I think these two got the right idea. They could be in the parade themselves.
Here we go! Let the show begin.
The girls had fun taking pics with Granny's camera. Pretty sure she got a whole lot of pictures of people with their heads cut off.
This years fan fave. Ol Jimbo dragging his ball and chain from the back of his tractor.
There were plenty of the usuals, dancing horses, marching bands, and of course the hare krishna's.
This little sparkle is my fave. After the parade we went back to the condo to relax and BBQ.
My good looking crew. In the evening we returned to Ojai for the fireworks show. It was going to be a late night but our crew was excited.There were balloon animals.
We had a few snacks and played out on the football field while we waited for it to get dark enough.
The show starts about 9:15 pm but there is plenty to see and do while you wait.
You can get glitter sparkle tattoos for instance.
Finally it was dark enough and time for the show.
 Then the lights went off. We came prepared with dollar store glow sticks and necklaces.
 We saw lots of this. The girls loved it, it was their first time seeing a fire work show.
 Gemma was tired but glowing.
 What a wonderful day. If only our kids knew how to sleep in the next day. When they are teenagers and want to sleep in I'm going to be waking them up bright and early just for pay backs.

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