Friday, July 10, 2015

Seven Heaven

I think for the girls one of their favorite things about their birthday is picking out their theme. It is a difficult choice and they change their minds up until the second the invitations go out. This year Lily couldn't decide between mermaids or dolphins so she went with Under Sea Adventure so it would incorporate both.  She did try to change her mind to kitty's but we had already bought the figurines for the cake. Oh, and I really did not want to do a kitty cake. 
Her party was a swim party at Goppy's house. We did it on Sunday, the night before her actual birthday. He sea cake turned out really well. It was almost the same as her Ariel cake from a couple years back. Super easy.
We had red gummy fish and also chocolate covered pretzel rods. Sneaking a few early!!
It wasn't overly hot like most years. It was really pleasant out and everyone enjoyed the pool time.

Gwynny has never been in Goppy's pool before. She looks pretty pumped up about it.

Ben is an old pro. He's not afraid.
The verdict on the pool: not a fan. She cried most of the time.
The jacuzzi saw some sweet action. We surpassed the limit I'm sure.

Then we all got out of the pool for dinner. Pasta! Cheesy macaroni and also Spaghetti bolognese, plus salad, and garlic bread. It was a yummy feast and everyone gobbled it up. Then on to the good part...cake! It was one layer chocolate, one layer marble, topped with vanilla buttercream.
She made her wish but knows better than to tell anyone what it was.
Then it was presents time. Highly anticipated.
She got so many wonderful gifts and everything was perfectly suited to her.
She wanted a mermaid tail and got a mermaid fin to use in the pool.
She lost her mind over "Tundra" the stuffed animal from Aunt Judy. This girl and her stuffy's.
Gwynny got some practice walking so she can be rocking it before her first birthday. She is a mover this girl.
Not a fan of the glasses though. If only she knew how cute she looked.
Grandpa Lee chilled in his room inside and didn't make it into any of the party pics so here's one from the previous weekend. It was Father's day Sunday and we took him to his church. It was all decorated and they had a wonderful lunch.
It was a wonderful night and everyone was pooped out. The next morning Lily knew to wake up early for her M&M pancakes. The balloons make our house look so festive.
A few more presents from out of town friends. She also hand an inkling that more presents might be on the table in the AM.
More wonderful treasures.
Almost enough to make them forget about pancakes.
Well, not actually.

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