Saturday, August 29, 2015

Back to School

Here we are again. How did summer fly by and we end up back to school? I demand a re-do! Well, that's what I said on Monday night before Lily started school on Tuesday. By the time Friday rolled around I was pretty sure back to school was the best thing that ever happened. You see, for the first time both girls are in school full time!
Lily started second grade at MATES on Tuesday. We went to the back to school bash on Sunday afternoon and found out her teachers name. Almost more importantly to this second grader we found out which of her friends were in her class. There were squeals of joy (literally) to learn her friend Scarlett was in her class again. We were thrilled to learn she was going to be in Mrs. Linklaters class.
Gemma was not to be left out of photos even though she had to wait until Wednesday for her first day of transitional Kindergarten. Because her birthday falls in September she did not make the age cut off for Kindergarten this year. The school district offers T-K for those kids who fall in this age group. She is attending Weathersfield for the year. We learned her teacher would be Mrs. Raaf. She was so excited to start "real" school even though it is not the same campus as Lily.
Just for good measure one of the girls together on GG's first day.
This is how they felt about back to school. Lily was eager on day one and by day two she was crabby and didn't want to get out of bed. She loves school but is not a morning person. Gemma is usually up before I am.
It has been a hot week here (as it always seems to be for the first week back.) We waited eagerly in the hot sun to be allowed into the classroom. No parents allowed, only kids. Both girls have 22 students in their class. Gemma's class does not have a teachers aide and some of the students seem like they may not have attended preschool so I think the teacher has her work cut out for her.

She was a tiny bit anxious but had no problem marching into class and sitting on the rug. She's in the corner with the other girls. I snuck a picture through the window before heading off (high fiving the other parents). Just kidding. Sort of. After her first day we asked Gemma how it went and what she did. They colored a picture and she informed me the boy next to her scribbled all over his picture and she told him, "Didn't your mom teach you how to color? It's all a scribbled mess." Guess we need to work on her tact.
Gemma's T-K hours are the same as Kindergarten, 8:30-1:30pm. I pick her up and then we have one hour before picking up Lily. At least the drop off times are staggered and we drive Lily to school first where she jumps out in the drop off line and we have a 10 minute drive to Gemma's school. One week down and they are already asking when Thanksgiving break is. All this and they haven't even gotten homework yet. It might be a long year. Next year they will both finally be at the same school!

Lily's class had a super hero themed dance party on the first day with the music teacher as the DJ. Not a bad way to start second grade. Here is Brianna, Lily, Scarlett, and Olivia.

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