Saturday, August 22, 2015


It has been a long time since I've flown with these two. Try 4 years!! That is way too long. It was a whole new ball game with kids who could pull their own suitcases and no strollers to drag along. The short 2 1/2 hour flight to Seattle went by in a flash. Thanks to shows, games, and music.
Due to our super early flight and compounded with Lily having spent the day before our trip at Disneyland with her friend from school we found ourselves with this after finally landing and getting our rental car.
It wasn't a long nap before we arrived in Snohomish at our friends the Brady's home. The girls took right off playing with Kat and Natalie like no time had passed since they were together.
Riding bikes and scooters to the park in the Seattle version of a drought.
The next day after a giant girl sleep over the youngins woke bright and early to head to our old stomping grounds at Greenlake. We picked the perfect day to hit the wading pool. Lily and Gemma had no recollection of the area. We drove by our old house and it looks exactly the same. It was pretty hard not to wish we were living in it right then. Lily and Natalie playing mermaids.
Most of our crew! Natalie, Gemma, Lily, Cora, and Kat. We missed pics with Annie's girls but by the time they arrived the crew was not interested in posing.
On Saturday morning we were up early again to pick up Daddy from the airport. We wandered around Seattle some and got some good coffee before meeting up with friends Annie and Erik for lunch at Tutta Bella. The kids (they have two girls as well) were all thoroughly unimpressed with sitting for lunch so we chatted as long as we could before saying good bye and heading out for some sun. We walked around part of Greenlake to the playground before heading to West Seattle to stay with Clare, Ryan and Cora for the weekend. We got to see their newly remodeled home and have dinner Sat night. 
Clare and Ryan were chicken sitting for neighbors so we got to do several rounds of chicken feeding, petting, and general harassing. It was a highlight for all the kids. Of course it pays in eggs.
Then Sunday morning we went to the beach in West Seattle. It was amazing and warm.We searched for tons of sea glass. Gemma was begging to go in the water but we didn't prepare with swim suits. She was a bit put off by the rocky bottom and slimy seaweed so we stayed dry.
They took Cora home for a nap and we continued to explore. Who knew we were so close to NYC?
The views back at the city skyline are not to be beat.
Lily had already picked out her souvenir, a calico kitty stuffy. To add to the 5 other stuffed kitty's she has. Don't worry about Gemma. She saved her souvenir choice until the last minute but was thrilled with her purchase. A pack of gum, at the airport.
 A hot day calls for ice creams and iced coffees. After Cora's nap we met up at a playground and even found some blackberry bushes to pick from. Heavenly! Back at home after much needed baths it was time for a roaring game of Simon Says. It was pretty cute.
 Monday morning they headed off to work and we headed off to the city to play tourist. We really know how to be tourists, first thing you stop off for Top Pot donuts.
Then you wander the city, ride the monorail, play at the play structure at Seattle center, all waiting for our turn to ride the duck!!
It is super touristy and corny but a lot of fun. We did it so many years ago but thought the girls would have fun with it. Our duck happened to break down shortly into the ride and we had to swap ducks but it all ended well.
The best part is the ride around lake union. Gemma fell asleep during the ride (expensive nap!) but we woke her for the water portion. Lily even volunteered to go sit up by the driver and that somehow morphed into Alex having to dance in the aisle of the vehicle but I will spare you (and him) the video.
The obligatory space needle selfie. We did not ride to the top but enjoyed the view from below. We had to hit the road to drive a bit north of the city to meet Jessie and Mark and their girls for dinner. There must be something in the water in Seattle with everyone and their girls! Well, and token baby Danny.
Our friends Annie and Erik kindly allowed us to stay in their house for the last few nights of our trip while they were away at the coast. It was perfect and so convenient. We gave them 5 stars!
Tuesday was our last full day in town. We went downtown to Pike's market just like good tourists. Holy blackberries! We paid $2 for a giant container of melt in your mouth berries. We are ruined for life on the store boughten variety.
 It was beautiful and crowded as ever. After we had our fill we went down to the waterfront to meet up with Ann, Kat, Natalie and Danny one more time. They have installed a "big wheel" since we moved away and we decided to give it a try.
 The kids thought it was great fun. I think we got about 4 rotations for $50 per family. It is much smaller than the London eye and quicker. I think were glad to say we tried it.
 It does look bigger from here.
 We lucked out that Ann took a family photo for us!
After enough playing tourist we headed to Ballard locks to watch the boats go through the canal and see if the Salmon were swimming upstream into lake union. We grabbed a picnic lunch on the way and had a good time running around and playing. After saying a final farewell to our pals we recouped for a bit after being hot and tired. We knew we couldn't rest for long since it was our last day. We picked up the girls swim suits and headed to a splash pad at south lake union. 
 It was just starting to become evening and it was a beautiful time of day to refresh and relax.
 The girls ran and ran playing in the fountains. Gemma somehow convinced me to buy her a two piece swim suit that showed her belly. She was very specific. Then she snuck it into her suitcase the night before vacation. I'm not sure why the girls are both obsessed with "two piecers" but I guess wear it while you can. In moderation.
 Once things started to get whacky we knew it was time to head out, get some supper and head for bed.
We had to be at the airport around mid day on Wednesday so we had just enough time for breakfast, a play ground and one last view of the city from queen ann.
We miss you Seattle and friends. 

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