Saturday, August 22, 2015

Summer Fun List

We always write a summer fun list so we make sure we do all the fun things we love about summer. It's a good reference for those "I'm bored" days or when we run out of ideas. 
 We busted out the old alligator pool on a hot day. This thing used to be so frequently used when the girls were little and couldn't swim and we were stuck home with twice a day naps. We only use it once a year now and I think it is going to find a new home so one last dip was in order.
We had a quick and lovely visit from our friend Kimi and her daughter Miranda. They went to Disneyland and then stayed with us a couple nights.
We explored our local gardens of the world which we had never been to. It was small but very nice and free!
Pedicures with Granny in Carpinteria. Lily barely reached the water with her tippy toes. The girls love getting pedicures and we try to do it twice a year. Once at Christmas and once in summer. 
 Gemma managed it with three pillows.
 The final result. Gemma wanted fireworks on her big toes, Lily wanted kitty faces.
Many of their friends spend all summer at day camps. This year we decided to do one week of day camp to try it out.  Day one was exciting. Up bright and early with an Elsa braid.
 Two sisters ready for camp fun. By day three they were ready to be done. It was fun, but hot, long and repetitive. I think it was too much like child care and they would prefer one that was more themed.
Trip to mini golf with Scarlett. We drive by this mini golf center every time we go to Carpinteria. We call it princess castle. It was high time we finally went to enjoy it. 
The girls had fun golfing but were a bit in a hurry to just race through it to get to the end.
At the end we rode some of the rides. This was a giant tire with a motor you could steer around and bump into each other.
It was really good fun. Gemma and Julie bumping into us.
Scarlett was tall enough to ride alone so my girls got to ride with the moms.
We went to see a movie one evening with Daddy after work. Too bad Gemma was scared and in my lap half the movie and Lily was sad and crying into Daddy's shoulder the whole movie. Next time we're finding a good comedy.
The girls spent a week at Ascension Lutheran vacation bible school. The theme this year was Everest.
They loved it. At the end of the week they perform some of the songs with all the motions.
We managed to squeeze in a couple Saturdays at Zuma beach. We didn't get to go as often as we would have liked but it was great when we did. They love to splash and swim in the waves with no fear. Of course they always beg us to bury them.
Lily was so lucky her friend Scarlett and her mom invited her to join them for a day at Disneyland.  
They had the best time. It was a long day but full of fun, and face paint, and Tiggers tails. Yum! 
I had to throw this one in because it reminds me that even as they grow so fast they are still my little girls. They saw some fairies in their magazine and rushed off to dress in outfits just like the fairies. It is pretty hilarious but actually pretty accurate to the ones in the magazine. 
After our Seattle trip we were nearing in on back to school! We took a trip to the LA zoo for one last outing. Scarlett came along and we all had a good time. 
They had as much fun goofing around as they did seeing animals. 
The otters were really lively and really seemed curious to approach the glass to interact with the girls. 
Our lemurs waiting  for the bird show to start. 
The reptile house is my least favorite and the girls think it is so funny to make me go in and look at all the snakes. 
We didn't hit all the items on our fun list but that's ok. They can move up to the priority of next summers list. We sure did have a lot of fun and school starts this week so it will be back to the grind. Sniff, sniff.

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