Thursday, October 1, 2015

A hand full

Gemma has always been a bit of a handful but now she is officially a hand full! Five years old. I feel like she is both mature for her age and immature. Her interests are clothes, shoes, music, dance, and electronic gadgets. Yet she loves to play the baby in the family and of course whine and throw tantrums. She is still very much into everything "Frozen" despite the fact we have not watched the movie in probably a year. She knows her own mind and thinks she should always have her way. This leads to many battles and luckily her sister is very easy going and allows her to have her way or makes compromises. This year she knew very early on what kind of birthday party she wanted. Half Frozen, half Berenstain bears. I convinced her that we had already done frozen so Berenstain bears it was. We have at least 30 of their books and we love them. 

On the morning of her birthday we had the obligatory pancakes with M&M's. What a treat. Both girls were up early to eat and open presents. 
 Lily made her pancake look like Gemma.
 We let her open her present from us, a few little things and sparkly boots.
Her party wasn't until the weekend but she had a lot of fun spending her birthday at school. She got a crown and all kinds of attention. She handed out fancy pencils to her classmates as well. This is what a five year old looks like! She got to choose where we went to dinner on her birthday and it was Islands, for Kraft macaroni and cheese from a box of course! 
Granny and Grampy arrived from England on the weekend so they were able to celebrate with us. Gemma got so many fun presents and loves them all. Auntie Boo came over early to see her Gemma and she brought her lots of frozen goodies including this magic 8 ball. It is a lot of fun. Both girls keep asking it open ended questions and don't really grasp the concept it only works for yes or no.
 Don't forget the Elsa microphone that hooks up to the nano so you can sing Karaoke.
 Her Berenstain bears cake was a bit challenging since most of the ideas online were covered in colored icing and looked less than appetizing. We compromised with figurines from the bears board game and some M&M's. Of course my little helpers wanted to do the decorating and they have the belief that less is not more....more is more!!! It turned out cute though.
 We did some crafting earlier in the week and made banners with pictures from the books.
 We had books on display.
 We colored some pictures we found online too.
It sure is hard to wait for the party to start...and to taste that cake. 
 Once everyone arrived and had a cool beverage (it was another hot 90 degree day) we decided to start with gifts. She just couldn't wait and then the kids could play with everything.
 She loved every single thing and we've been having so much fun playing.
 She got her much desired light up shoes. Her last pair from a few years ago were out grown and she just loved them. The brighter the colors the better.
 I also surprised the kids with a tiny pinata. I couldn't pass it up, just the right size for three kids. I think it held enough candy for them each to have two pieces.
 Gemma, Ben, and Lily each got two rounds of whacking the poor pony.
 Lily had a pretty good arm but it wasn't budging.
 Time for some grown up muscle. Tim got first try.
 Then Alex had a turn.
He ended up hitting the thing right up over the pergola. Don't worry it eventually cracked and the kids dove in for chocolates.
 Finally it was cake time.
 These two hams! Lily hug/tackled Gemma through the whole song.
We are so proud of our little five year old. She has transitioned into full time school so well and is making so many friends. She is excited about school and learning to read and write, she always comes home singing a song from that day. Her big sister is still her best friend and they play together really well. 

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  1. Happy birthday Gemma! Cora will keep you company in all things Frozen! Miss you girls!