Thursday, October 29, 2015

Surprise Visit

What are the chances you have a free weekend and all of a sudden you get a text from a friend that they are stuck at LAX on a lay over to Hawaii and can't get on their flight? Well, sounds like a perfect excuse for some weekend fun with Kimi & Miranda!! They rented a car and headed over on Saturday night. Sunday we woke up, filled up on pumpkin pancakes and headed out to Hollywood! Miranda and Lily take selfies in the back of the car.
We make it to Hollywood Blvd. just in time to pose with Marilyn Monroe.
Lily played photographer all day. Her subjects pose with Shrek.
The last time we came to Hollywood was a couple years ago with these same girls! Miranda has a thing for her stars.
We got some sweet souvenirs. Pressed pennies.
After some lunch at Hard Rock Cafe we headed over to Santa Monica. We might not be Hawaii but we do have a lot to offer. We parked and walked to the pier. It is so fun to play tourist and enjoy our October sun.
We had never even noticed the aquarium under the pier. It looked cute and kids are free so we sent in one adult for $5 with all the kids. We did contemplate sending in Miranda with the girls alone but you never know when the sharks in the tide pool will bite.
We headed up to the pier for a ride on the carousel and a scoop of ice cream.
A girls group selfie on the pier. It was so beautiful out.
We even tried out some carnival rides. We have never checked out the rides on the pier but they were a lot of fun. Alex took the girls on the bucaneer. We watched the sun set and headed home worn out.
Lily & Gemma had school on Monday but had early release for teacher conferences. It was perfect so we could pick them up from school and head to the LA zoo. It was all decked out for Halloween. Some spooky photo ops.
Lily loved the Jagaur and he was waiting for dinner to be served so he was very active.
One last shot before we got kicked out at closing time.
Too bad for us our girls managed to get a flight to Hawaii the next day but we'll take a surprise visit any chance we get!!

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