Thursday, November 26, 2015

Fall Fun Time

This is sort of a round up of all the things we have been up to this Fall. I have not been as good about posting individual activities but at least I will throw in a few photos and document what we've been doing.
Gemma joined the Daisy troop at her school. When I was a girl you just started into brownies but now they have Daisy's for the K-1 grades. She is really enjoying herself and it is nice for her to have something to herself that Lily is not involved in. 
I'm the mom that didn't realize you can't iron the daisy petals on until you "earn" each one. Oh well, it looks better this way and she is earning them every meeting.
Her troop meets once a month after school and does a lesson, craft, sings songs etc. So far snack time has been a highlight.
She is enjoying making friends and will hopefully continue her troop next year at MATES as well.
Lily kicked off the school year right by earning the first heart of an eagle award of the year. Everybody knows it's the cream of the crop to get the first award of the year.
She got a frisbee and a certificate for shaved ice as well.
As part of a school project Lily had to decorate a pumpkin like the main character of a book she did a report on. She chose a kitty fairy.
Gemma got to decorate a pumpkin too. We used paint, paper, glitter and glue. No carving this year.
One weekend in October Alex took Gemma and went to stay with Granny and Grampy in Carp. Lily and Mom stayed home because Lily had plans with friends. Gemma certainly enjoyed all the attention to herself.
It was avocado festival weekend which means tons of fun. It's a huge street fair. Gemma got to hold a HUGE avocado.
The classic cut out photo.
They had some pretty awesome face paint. They also added a ferris wheel this year that was pretty cool.
We also got to celebrate Alex's big 4-0 birthday with a weekend away to Los Olivos. We went wine tasting and joined our first ever wine club at Rideau vineyard.
They took us on a 2 hour wine taste and tour. We learned so much about how wine is made.
The barrel room.
We ate at some great restaurants and did some window shopping. Apparently old age is making Alex shrink.
His actual birthday was on a week day so the girls got to celebrate with him too. We had his parents and Goppy over for dinner. He got a big stack of gifts.
There was a death by chocolate cake decorated by two little girls. We were being kind and only gave him four candles.
On to the highlight of October, halloween. Both girls had halloween costume parades at their schools on Friday the 30th. 
We dropped Lily off at her school first. She was an Ocelot. Not to be confused with a leopard. Gemma decided to be a "wedding girl" you know the one that gets "marriaged." She picked out her outfit from our dress up bin.  It was Lily's flower girl dress from Eric and Rach's wedding. She had picked out a mermaid costume online but then changed her mind. My rule is you can change your mind after we purchased a costume but then you have to use costumes we already own. We couldn't stay for Lily's parade since both were at the same time. She didn't mind. Her best friend was an Ocelot as well and they had fun together.
Gemma's school did their halloween parade right after the bell rang. She was so proud and even got to wear some of Mom's lipstick.
The T-K class got to go first. It was pretty warm and sunny.
They followed the Principal Mr. Marshall around the blacktop.
It was a pretty long ordeal waiting for the whole school to get a turn.
They all posed for a group photo after the parade and then the parents helped them change out of costume before leaving.
They did some special halloween centers with snacks.
They measured and decorated their pumpkins from the pumpkin patch.
Lily's class had a fun party too. They had some pretty cute, clever costumes. The two ocelots down in front were really in character.

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