Monday, November 23, 2015

Trick or Treat

We had maybe the best time ever on Halloween this year. Or maybe I say that every year. The girls just love halloween and the build up to the big day deciding on their costumes. For the main event Lily was an ocelot and Gemma went with rock star. We added the star eye make up just in case some unsuspecting people thought she was just dressed in wild mis-matched clothing. Which she actually was. She came up with the whole costume herself. When she carried her guitar it made sense...which she only did for photos. 
Ever the good sports about the holiday the adults got in the spirit and we dressed up too. Alex went for the ghost buster which is always a hit. I was the '50's girl in a poodle skirt. Granny was a pretty spooky witch and Grampy was an English police man, a Bobby.
I think maybe this was a child hood dream come true for Alex.
Gemma dresses like this on a weekly basis. I kid you not. The clothing consists of hand me downs from Lily's friend Olivia. Each piece on it's own is perfectly acceptable. Put them all together and I'm not quite sure.
The little kids at the pre-trick or treating pot luck. We have a fire man, black cat, rock star, ocelot, and teenage mutant ninja turtle.
Our cat crew.
The fire man was intent on saving us all from the creepy clown with his ax.
That's a little better.
Eric "inherited" my Dad's collection of halloween masks. We think perhaps he found a good sale after halloween a few years back because no one has ever seen these masks until we cleaned out my Dad's garage. We found probably 8 creepy masks so Eric modeled them all, causing a few kids to melt into tears.
This is the whole crew on Halloween at Eric & Rach's. It was bigger and better than ever. As all the kids get older it gets more and more fun. 
Finally it was time to make our way around the neighborhood.  We made it around the loop in record time and what a haul. After surveying the loot they shared with the adults and had a ton to take home.

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