Wednesday, December 30, 2015

A Merry Little Christmas

We did indeed have a Merry little Christmas this year. We stayed at home, spent time with our family and enjoyed a few traditions we have missed in the past and a few new ones too. Gemma's girl scout troop took part in a Christmas caroling at the mall. The idea is to spread holiday cheer. It happened to really rain that day so I'm not sure how much cheer we spread but it was cute and she has so much fun with her friends.
We managed to fit in a cookie decorating session. Things were a bit tighter this year as I started back to work full time at Children's Hospital LA in the ER December 1st. Nothing like making a huge change right at the holidays. That's how things fell into place and we made the best of it. We decorated ginger bread cookies after school one day. 
 The girls had the best time. I think they don't even really remember ever decorating cookies every year because they acted like it was the first time they've done it. I brought out all the sprinkles we own and let them have at it. There were a few pretty obnoxious ones but most were delicious and even quite pretty.
We found a spare weekend day to get our tree. You know the big Davis family tradition. Driving to Costco and picking a tree out of the parking lot!! Ha!! Well you can't go wrong, they are beautiful, huge trees for a great price. Alex even managed to get it home and up without losing his cool. I think we have a system down. The littlest elf gets to put the star up. 
 It sure is pretty. My little helpers put most of the ornaments on and did a great job.
Rosie made an appearance again on December 1st. She was quite mischievous again. We were sweeping shreds up for a week Rosie!
 The repelling from the curtain strings might have been my favorite.
 She gets to place the star once Gemma gets to big to be held up there.
Another tradition we started last year was driving around in  Grandpa Dan's vanpool to look at Christmas lights. Lily and Ben we too excited to get going. We pack everyone in and bring hot cocoa and cookies. Uncle E drives us around Simi and Moorpark to all the best spots.
This one was so good we had to get out and enjoy the sights.
They had a snow machine that went off every 5 minutes and covered you in soapy suds that might look like snow to these Southern California kids.
We all went to church together on Christmas Eve and then returned to our house to eat and open a few gifts from cousins and Goppy. I'm thinking next year a round of matching pajamas is going to be in order.
Goppy and her littles. We sure missed our big cousins this Christmas and Uncle Joel and Aunt Tonya.
Sweet selfie's.
After everyone left we got in our PJ's and curled up for a story on the couch with Dad. We did read the night before Christmas but a little Pete the Cat got thrown in there too.
We made sure to leave out cookies and milk for Santa. Lily decided it was a good idea to leave decorated arrows toward the cookies too. Originally this was part of a grand scheme to try to catch Santa so she could see him but in the end it turned out just to make sure he knew where the cookies were.  I'm pretty sure Winston followed the arrows to the cookies too because he just might have helped Santa in that department this year. Note to self: move the cookies further from the edge of the table next year.
Then finally the big morning arrived. The girls were not up too early, around 6:30 am so we weren't too sleep deprived. At least the sun was up for most of the pictures. 
 I didn't take too many pictures this year, there just wasn't time and we were just enjoying the moment.
Both girls are old pro's at ripping open the gifts this year. Santa brought Lily her wished for Minecraft Blockopedia book.  Winston got a new squirrel chew toy that lasted approximately 4 hours before the squeaker was busted open.
Gemma got her Elsa high heel light up shoes. We all know mom would never have bought her those so there is all the proof you need that Santa is real.
Both girls also got razor scooters from us.
Because it was Christmas and the scooters were new they got to ride them around the house all morning. Much to their dismay this privilege was outlawed shortly thereafter.
Some new lego style building set from Granny and Grampy.
This voracious reader loves her kitten books. Too bad each book is finished in one sitting.
This little elf is not so pleased with his Christmas morning look. That's what you get when you eat Santa's cookies!!
After all the gifts are opened we sit down for a nice breakfast. We always include Goppy's chocolate chip coffee cake aka Jesus birthday cake. We sing him happy birthday and the girls get to each blow out a candle. 
We spent the day playing and building. This marble run set is really fun. Too bad the girls crashed every design Alex built.
Let's hope Gemma manages to keep the marbles out of her mouth! That girl loves to put things in her mouth to this day! I guess the penny lesson was never learned.
It was a nice quiet Christmas. We missed Grandpa Lee and the big Peterson family crazy get together. We missed Granny and Grampy who spent the holidays back in England. We have so much to be thankful for and were so lucky to be home together for Christmas. 

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