Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Santa success?

Three years in a row now we have joined cousins in our visit to Santa. We had a feeling someone might not be too fond of Santa this year. Ah well, three kids out of four isn't bad!
 Gwyn did a lot better with her paci and her brother was feeling very silly.
 Lily and Gemma are old pros.
Lily and Gemma made their letter to Santa on the computer this year and even added images.

Dear Santa,
This year it is different. This year I only want four presents. 
#1 Minecraft Blockopedia  
#2 Minecraft Essential Hand book
#3 Gift cards ideas: Target, Michaels, Build-a-Bear, JoAnns, and Star Bucks last Toys R Us
#4 Lots of journals

     Love, Lily

Dear Santa,

I hope you are having a nice day.
#1 Elsa high heel light up shoes
#2 gift cards
#3 lipstick
Love, Gemma

Santa was impressed by their lists and promised to do his best. The girls were a bit shy but enjoyed their visit and the tiny candy cane.

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