Sunday, March 13, 2016

Daisy Life

It is a busy time of year to be a girl scout. It's cookie sales time in California! This little Daisy was so excited to go door to door and sell her cookies. 
They had a cookie booth at our local grocery store for a few hours one Saturday.  Of course the girls thought this was just a giant play date.
After the cookie sales we headed to a girl scout event called thinking day. Each troop is assigned a different country. You decorate a table with facts about that country. Some troops put on a little dance or play about their country.
Then, after the acts are through, they troops go around to each table and collect a snack from that region and a pin for their lanyard. Our troop was assigned Brazil. They wore matching tropical dresses with fruit headbands.
They always have so much fun together.  The event was a bit long and crowded for these younger ones but they had a fun time for sure. Of course earning the patch doesn't hurt either!
Girls Scouts keep this one pretty busy. There are lots of optional weekend activities and this summer they will go to one week of girl scout day camp at the local middle school. Luckily her friend Amanda is going to MATES next year as well and her mom is one of the troop leaders so she will be able to continue Daisy's there next year.

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