Sunday, March 13, 2016

Dr Seuss

I had no idea until I had kids what a big deal they make about Dr Seuss birthday. Gemma's class was honored with the task of reciting a poem at the city council meeting wearing their home made "cat in the hat" hats.
Gemma is hidden a bit in this picture she was standing with the Mayor of Thousand Oaks in the back and gave him a big high five after the picture.
Her whole class was so proud to be invited. It was in the evening at the city hall so parents got to come and watch.
They also recited their poem another evening at the school board meeting.
Lily's school always does an evening event to coordinate with Dr Seuss birthday and involves reading and learning about different parts of our country. Each classroom was assigned a different region. You went room to room to learn about different states and sample some food from that area. At the end you can collect a Dr Seuss pencil and eraser. Of course there was a who-ville room as well.
Gemma's class had a special Green Eggs and Ham party. They wore the hats they made.
She told me they gobbled up the delights.

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