Saturday, March 19, 2016

Nearly Easter

Easter is a bit early this year falling in March. The girl's spring break from school falls over Easter and we long ago booked a vacation for spring break not quite recognizing it was over Easter. When you book a vacation to Hawaii no one is going to complain. 
Since we won't be home to celebrate Easter with family we decided to hold Easter brunch a bit early. We had Granny and Grampy England in town for just a few more days so it was nice to have them with us. We made a big brunch spread with fruit, coffee cakes, eggs and bacon of course. Eric and Rach brought lots of Mimosa makings. I dare any fine restaurant to compare!
The kidlets all sat together. That lasted about 30 seconds but it sure was cute. There was plenty left behind for Winsty to lick up.
After we had plenty of food and beverages there was an easter basket hunt! Goppy brought all her kiddies a giant pail of goodies.
They all looked for their color bucket. Gwyn got a little help.
It was pretty exciting stuff for Ben.
Then the fancy wrapping had to be removed and all the candy inspected. The kids all had quite the stash. Chocolate bunny, and jelly beans of course.
I'm not sure why the candy won't come out of your sippy bottle Gwyn!!
Then it was up to Granny to entertain the kids while the Dads hid all the easter eggs outside. We got lucky it had rained the day before but the sun came out on our Easter and dried everything up.
Granny brought a hidden surprise egg. It was made of layer upon layer of tissue paper with little toy prizes in the middle. You had to unwrap for quite a while to get to the prize.
Then it was time to hunt. Gwyneth got a head start and it was so hard to wait inside and watch her. She was new to this whole experience and each egg needed to be inspected before placing in her pail.
The oldies knew exactly what to do. There were some pretty tricky eggs hidden. Bare feet doesn't help either.
Once the obvious ones were found it took a little more patience.
Gemma and her loot.
The girls wore their "Easteriest" dresses since we did not buy any new this year.
Someone even found an egg with her name on it. That was lucky.
After all the fun and sugar our guests all needed to hit the road for nap time. I never seem to remember to get pictures of everyone until the day is done. At least I managed to get us with the tripod and remote.
I did force my children to take their shoes off for the picture since one had on winter boots and the other had on kitty socks and sketchers with their dresses.
Our real Easter will be spent in Kauai but no complaints over celebrating twice!

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