Sunday, March 13, 2016

Tea with the Queen

We might not be royalty but we do know how to get dressed up on a beautiful Spring day and head to the botanical gardens for a tea party! As Granny's Christmas present we promised her a trip to the Huntington Gardens and tea room. The ladies set off on a beautiful Sunday afternoon while the "boys" stayed home to do chores, install a new mail box.

We had our prettiest dresses on and our best manors (except for the part where they insisted on licking a sugar cube meant to be put in their tea).
The tea room was lovely, if not quite authentic as you served yourself from a buffet of finger foods. There was cheese and crackers, finger sandwiches of all varieties and fruit. Of course the sweet treats were delightful. It wouldn't be tea without a pot of English tea and some scones with clotted cream.
We had filled ourselves up to the brim and then spent several hours wandering the expansive gardens. You couldn't have asked for better weather.
The Japanese gardens have been expanded greatly since I was here many years ago.
We wandered down to the Koi pond and arch bridge. The girls were frustrated to discover you were not allowed to climb the bridge.
We did make a wish on a fish though.
Who is that peeking from behind the waterfall? It's a little Gemma of course.
The plants and flowers were all in full bloom. You could get lost in a forest of bamboo.
Both girls brought a camera and had such fun running around being photographers. Most of these pictures are courtesy of Lily and Gemma.

 All that walking in the sun deserved a break. The  gardens are broken up into regions. After we made it out of Japan we wandered through Australia to make it to the Desert.
 Surprisingly the desert gardens were quite possible our favorite. It was like stepping into another world. It reminded us of Dr Seuss and who-ville.
These were cactus snakes and really did look like snakes slithering up from the ground. I will certainly not be planting these in my yard.
 This odd tree had prickles all the way up the trunk.
 The gardens were having special events for Chinese New Year and these red lanterns were hanging all over the trees.
 We were pooped after hours of walking and didn't even enter the art galleries. I guess we will have to return again when the queen comes to visit!

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