Saturday, April 23, 2016

School Happenings

It has been a busy Spring for these school girls. We started off with Gemma receiving student of the month right before spring break. They send a letter home in the mail so parents can attend the assembly.
The kids have gotten savvy to the fact that if your parent is in the audience it means you have won.
Gemma's award was for leadership and honestly. Two other boys in her class Gaige and Carter also received awards. They were very very excited.
The principal Mr. Marshall calls their name and then they take their place on stage. They receive a certificate, a meal voucher for sharky's, a bowling certificate and a car magnet that says student of the month. Our magnet sits proudly on the fridge since that is where Gemma placed it.
I have to giggle a little at the fact that my child who will sneak a chocolate bar and upon being caught will deny she took it until the day she dies all the while with chocolate rimming her mouth. This is the honesty award winner!
Lily's class worked diligently for weeks on a performance called geology rocks! They do a huge unit about geology and the play is a really cute way to incorporate everything they learned to show it to the school and parents.
Lily's role was a metamorphic rock. She was quite thrilled and had wanted to play a rock. Go figure. She enjoys being in school plays but does not want to have a large role or lots of lines. She was happy with her few lines and rock pals.
I attended the performance for the school since I had to work for the parent performance.
Alex went the next day to the parent show and they did some curtain call photos. 
You may take note that on "Dad days" when he takes them to school in the morning they get to have down hair which is often wild.
Just this last week Lily performed in the Spring chorus festival. She participated in Kindergarten and then she chose to skip chorus in 1st grade. Now that they get to perform in musicals she is back in chorus this semester. The whole school chorus and many other elementary, middle, and high schools took part in the show.

This years theme was Americana so they performed many classic patriotic songs. It is such a long day of rehearsals and performing but so impressive to watch.
Lily is one little face in the sea of white polo shirts. She is just left of the microphone in the fourth row up. We were lucky to pick her out of the crowd and she was able to see us in the way back of the auditorium.
While we sort of feel checked out of school after spring break there is still a lot to come. Lily's class is doing a poetry unit and sea life. Both girls have field trips coming up and Gemma still has her school jog a thon. Don't forget the big junior chorus show Aristocats as well. All in just 8 weeks of school before summer break! 

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