Monday, April 11, 2016

Weekend Fun

A rainy day weekend in April calls for some indoor fun. Gemma had won a bowling coupon at school and we decided to cash it in and take her for her first time bowling. I think Lily had only been bowling a couple times before. It was fun for two games and we all did pretty poorly.
The rainy weekend didn't last long and it was all sunshine the next day. We went to Hollywood to meet Brandi for a walk and lunch.  I'm pretty sure smokey the bear always says it's a fire warning kind of day.
Not a bad view for a Sunday afternoon.
The three mile loop was made a bit more fun with the help of scooters. Lily wore her "Daddy shirt" so she could be his twin.
Our fashionable scooter girl.
The beauty of the Hollywood hills.
I have to say this hike was a good find. It is around the Hollywood reservoir. A little slice of nature in the city. We made it to lunch and the Hollywood farmers market after. Then we drove by Children's Hospital to show the family where I work. The girls were very impressed. Not too shabby we have a really good ice cream shop just up the street too.

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