Friday, May 27, 2016

The Aristocats

It is a pretty big deal to be a second grader at Lily's school. The biggest highlight is that if you join after school chorus in the Spring you get to be in your first musical. This year they were putting on The Aristocats. If you know anything about Lily at this age you know that she is obsessed with all things cat. She spent two halloweens dressed up as some version of a cat. She wears kitty clothing, acts like a cat at all hours and adores leopard print everything. I'm not sure she really loves or even really likes performing in stage but her love for cats won out. That and all her friends are performers and would be in the play.
Everyone has to audition for a part so Lily chose to audition for a part in the ensemble as a cat. This would mean she didn't have any lines to speak. She learned all the music for her numbers and lots of choreography. Mr. LaGuardia the music teacher always does an amazing job, and look at the beautiful set!
Lily and her pals in the ensemble as alley cats.
It was such hard work and they had so many long after school rehearsals and even came in on weekends. The show was a great success.
They performed four shows. Two during school hours for the rest of the school and two in evenings for parents and family.
Gemma knew all the words to the songs by performance time too. She is very eager for her turn to be in a MATES show.
Lily got flowers from Daddy after her performance Friday night. She was very pleased, this was the first time she ever received flowers of her very own.
Goppy brought her flowers at her Saturday performance. What a lucky girl!
She had so much fun with her friends and all the hard work was worth it. She is uncertain whether she will try out again next year for spring chorus. Her love of computers and mine craft might win out.

After the Saturday night performance they cleared the MPR and turned on the DJ music for all the kids to celebrate. They danced the night away.
With lots of goodies to fuel all that dancing of course.
We are very proud of our alley cat!

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