Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Big heart

We were super excited to get a letter in the mail from Lily's school telling us she had been chosen to receive the end of the year heart of an eagle award for her class. This is similar to the monthly awards they give out but the end of the year award is based on your actions for the whole year and all the school values. The kids know this assembly is a big deal and they have figured out to look in the audience for their parent to predict if they won.
Lily didn't realize Gemma and I were in the audience until her friends spotted us and put it all together. She was so excited and proud to get her award.
They got a really fancy award from our assembly representative, a frisbee, a certificate to Red Robin, and a special T-shirt they can wear on Fridays to school that is just for the kids who won the whole heart award.
They also handed out perfect attendance awards which I can pretty much guarantee you we will NEVER WIN!
After school we had her model her shirt and awards.  I have to say I always knew that Lily has the heart of an eagle and represents all the values her school is teaching but it is really nice to have them recognize it in her as well.
Where has my baby gone? Someone put this big girl in her place.

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