Thursday, June 23, 2016


This school year went by in a flash! It was a busy one with both girls in full time school for the first time! Being at two different schools with different pick up and drop off times made it even more hectic. Add that to Mom starting a new job right before all the holidays and you can imagine the craziness. I'm pretty sure most weeks we were just going one day at a time. 

The last couple weeks of school were exceptionally crazy with school activities. Gemma's school had their school jog a thon late in the year. They had a color run where you spray colored powder and water at the kids while they run so they get covered like a rainbow!
They had a TON of fun and everyone got a special shirt and sun glasses.
Gemma and her friend Mia. They are a lot of fun together.
On the weekend we wrapped up the end of the first year in Daisy scouts with a party at the leaders house. She made the cutest pinwheel patch flowers with all the patches they earned this year.
Mom had a lot of sewing to do after this year! The back of her smock is filling up fast!
Her two troop leaders did so much work this year. We are really lucky one of the leaders and her daughter are also going to MATES next year so we will have a troop to carry on over there. Girl Scouts is Gemma's very favorite thing from this year.
Both girls had field trips at the end of the year. I was working and couldn't attend either one but they had tons of fun. Gemma's class went to the teaching zoo at Moorpark College. Lily's class went to the Channel Islands National Park beach. They did a unit on ocean life so they learned all about local marine life. 
They were not allowed to touch in the shallow pools because there is a shark in there apparently. Lily wanted me to be very clear about this, there was no touching allowed! 
Lots of learning with her best friends Brianna and Scarlett.
Lots of beach time too. They picnicked in the beach and dug in the sand.
Gemma was sick the last week of school and missed her last day!! So sad. We did pop over to school to pick up all of her work and say goodbye. Lily had free dress on her last day so we celebrated with a sparkle kitty shirt and cinnamon rolls for breakfast.
It was such a wonderful year in both schools. We are really really excited to have both girls in one school next year but it was hard to say goodbye to new friends and great teachers.

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