Saturday, June 25, 2016

Splashing into summer

We started of summer with a bang!! School got out on Friday and by the time Dad got off work we were on the road to SanDiego. Cousin Zachary was having his BarMitzvah so we were ready to party! We attended the service at the temple on Saturday morning. We lasted about one hour before all the munchkins got crazy and we had to get them out before we disturbed everyone. It was time to hit the hotel pool for a while.
The big party was at the hotel so we just freshened up in our best "frocks" as these English girls would say. Pink sequins for the win! They had a separate kids area with kiddie beverages and snacks, plus blackjack tables. I think the gambling was over their heads but not the sugary drinks.
I prefer the adult beverages myself. 
 That was about all the normal photos I took. Then there was a lot of photo booth fun. We still have our photo booth pics up on the fridge from Rachel's BatMitzvah so we needed some new ones.
We even managed to squeeze our whole family in a shot. Luckily this year it was all with props and an ipad so no need to jam everyone in a booth. That might have been half the fun last time.
We danced and danced to all the best music with a really cool DJ. It truly was an amazing party, great food, drinks and entertainment. These party animals made it until about 10PM before there were heads down on tables and begging to go to bed. Gemma was still not at full strength after being sick the last week of school so we had to hit the hay. Post party morning calls for Starbucks in bed.
After checking out of the hotel we headed over to Audrey and Bob's house for brunch and more play time with cousins. This is a picture of the cousin babies that were all born in 2008. Five of us cousins all had babies the same year! We had a big gathering when they were all babies at Grandma Great's house and that was the last time we managed to get pictures of them all together!! Now they are all turning 8 years old.
Quinn, Lily, Maya, Luke, and Rory!
After leaving SanDiego we headed north for our next adventure! I surprised the girls after the last day of school that we were going to meet up with Scarlett and her Mom for an overnight at the newly opened Great Wolf Lodge. It is a hotel with a big indoor water park. They just opened near disneyland. We met Julie and Scarlett in the hotel lobby to these three little wolves!
Doing their best wolf (or cool/ scared wolf) impression.
We shared a room in one of the kid cabin rooms. With BUNK BEDS!!!
The indoor water park is included in your overnight stay. We wasted no time getting changed and hitting the waves!! Lily and Scarlett braved the body boarding. It was really cool and they did a great job. It was so fun to watch, the waves are super strong and if you hit the current a certain way it will fling you backwards up to the top. Good thing the blue liner is really padded and soft.
That evening after several hours in the water we dried off for some dinner at the pizzeria and story time in the lobby. The girls enjoyed it but are at the age where they are getting a bit old for some of the cute kid activities with characters. So sad. Sad sad wolves. Every child gets a pair of wolf ears at check in. Cute as can be.
We spent 8 hours the next day at the water park. It is just the right temp indoors so you can lounge around in swimsuits and not get hot or cold and the best sunscreen!!!! This littlest wolf was too small to go on the big water slides but did get chosen by a lifeguard to help "test" one of the workers and pretend she wanted to go on a big slide so he would check her wrist band and know she was too small. She might have gotten scared at the last minute and the test didn't quite work but we got free ice creams and a stuffed wolf for her efforts!
The kiddie slides were just right for her and she rode them over and over. We all went down some of the bigger slides all together and as our courage built Lily, Scarlett and Julie even took on some of the bigger ones.
We wore ourselves out and got our full money's worth that day!!! It was a huge hit and the girls all had the best time. I fear we peaked our summer fun right out of the gate and don't have a whole lot of excitement planned for the rest of the summer! Uh-oh!

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