Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Three Piggy Opera

Gemma's TK class performed a little play in their classroom for the parents and family called the Three Piggy Opera.  They worked so hard on their parts and memorizing their lines and actions. 
Gemma was the first piggy in the straw house. They had some really cute little songs with actions. She was by far the most loud and the most proud in the songs and lines.
All the parents afterwards told me how they could hear Gemma singing out and leading the group. She was so confident and really seemed to enjoy herself.
All the kids had a role so there were a lot of pigs and wolves and farmers.  All the hard work paid off.
Our cutest little pig. She has spent so much time watching Lily perform with her class in plays I think she was so excited for it to be her turn.
The three little pigs huddled together  in the brick house for safety.
Gemma and her friend Amanda will both be attending MATES next year and are in Girl Scouts together.
Gemma and Adrianna. She is going to miss so many of her little friends.
Don't worry we have plenty of video evidence as well of our budding actress.

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