Friday, July 1, 2016

Eight is GREAT!

Lily had her birthday party earlier in June before school let out for summer. That meant her actual birthday, which fell on a Wednesday still needed celebrating. In a less than wise decision I worked the night before and the girls had girl scout camp that week. Meaning Mom had to get up early and make sure this birthday got off to a good start.
The birthday girl was up playing on the computer (because, of course she is) when I got up. She requested a diversion from the usual breakfast pancakes this year.
This 8 year old got a special call from the UK on her special day.
It was time for a few gifts and cards from family and friends that weren't able to see her on her special day.
Her love of kitty's is still going strong, strong, strong.
Apparently little sister needed to get in on the action.
Finally time to eat up. Her request...cinnamon rolls, and bacon. I threw in scrambled eggs and fresh squeezed OJ to round it out. Not a bad choice I have to admit. Although standing outside making bacon on the grill at 8 am wasn't so fun.
Yes, yes, Gemma, we see you too!
Then it was off to girl scout camp for the day where she was treated like royalty. You never knew what you were missing out by not being in school for a birthday. Later that evening we capped off the day at cheesecake factory sitting outside on the patio with Goppy. A great start to a great year ahead!

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