Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Sum-Sum-Summer Time

Our summer is nearly over but where did the time go? There was a lot of pool time. With floats and flippers.
The girls spent a week at girl scout day camp. They LOVED it and want to do 2 weeks next summer. Win-win for all!!!

Did I mention the new floaties? The swan is half the size of the pool, well almost.
We did the 4th of July!!! No parade this year but our patriotic game was strong!
We call this one firework hair.
All decked out to go to Uncle E's house.
Couldn't help but pose by the flag.
Even our food was patriotic. Watermelon, blueberry, feta and mint salad.
Mr. Handsome in the house!
Gwynnie aka Goo-Goo baby was darling as ever eating that flag platter. Super yum!
The pre-game firework show was strong. Uncle E buys a set of fireworks that may or may not be legal. All the neighborhood kids came down to watch. We couldn't really wait for the sun to go all the way down.
Sparklers of course!!
Uncle E's show might have been even better than the big Thousand Oaks show!
We also managed to squeeze in one event at the library. The bubble show!
I have been informed by Lily that these shows are for babies and they are officially "too old".
Our big trip for the summer was a road trip to Vacaville!! We got to see our friends Elias and Charlotte! We love having sleep overs and playing.
We tooled around Davis one afternoon at the farmers market and a brewery. Yes kids love breweries don't you know?
There was some pool time at their local pool and plenty of raiding Nate's garden too.
We made some chocolate chip zucchini cakes in the old easy bake oven. I wonder if I cooked spinach in there with mushroom sauce would they eat it? The draw of the tiny oven has magical powers.
Lily got a shave ice machine for her birthday so we made some blue raspberry. There are big plans to turn this into a business one day.
Then a thrill this summer. My plumeria tree bloomed for the first time and the flowers are gorgeous! They are pink with yellow in the middle. My favorite!
Now that summer has come to an end we are mourning the loss of our lazy mornings. I think both girls grew a foot this summer.  They had their back to school annual physicals and Lily is in the 50% for height and 25% for weight which is where she has always been. Gemma shot up to the 75% for height and the 15% for weight.  Our big event this summer was remodeling our kitchen. I will have to post pictures of that process too. Next up is back to school!

Carpinteria Beach Time

I think it is pretty lucky that our "default" summer vacation is a destination most people would give an arm and a leg to spend a holiday. The ladies, and Winston, packed up the car and headed to Carpinteria on a Wednesday AM, Dad would join us for the weekend. 
We hit up the starbucks drive thru on the way, since this was vacation and all, Winston got a pupaccino. Whip cream in a cup, although it did not keep him from barking at the drive thru employee.
Two chocolate milks with whipped cream. Lily treated since she got a starbucks gift card for her birthday.
We did all the girly things without Dad, like get our summer toes painted.
Of course we hit the beach. Lazy days. Swim, sun, sand, repeat.
Lily drew Stampy cat in the sand, her two loves, cats and minecraft.
Cheetah girl did a lot of digging too.
She also stole my hat, the whole weekend!!
Fancy pedicures look better at the beach.
We wore ourselves out at the beach and needed to retreat for chips, salsa and tacos!
Round two at the beach. Alex could see us on the Carpinteria beach cam from his desk at work. If that isn't unfair I don't know what is!!
Don't worry Daddy made it for the weekend, just in time to take the girls swimming to the platform. They used boogie boards and kicked out with his help. They LOVED it!
Somebody else loves his beach walks. It is truly this dogs happy place. 
We got some fun photos on our evening bluffs walks. You have to read the map first to know where to go.
Then realize your models have a mind of their own. 

The little red head is more into posing than big sister.
Mostly they just want to race.
Like the race to being a grown up. Slow down already look how big you are getting!
Watching for seals at the sanctuary.Now if those aren't beach waves!! All natural.
Sometimes, well most of the time the sisters love each other.
We did some morning beach walks too. Racing from the waves in our dresses.
Wishing we were in swim suits because the water just feels so good!
The furry beast loves his fetch on the beach. Once he gets the ball a few times he crawls with it into the rock caves to rest. He often hides his ball for safe keeping but good luck finding it again.
Plenty of morning attitude for us.
Watch out the waves are coming!! Never turn your back on the ocean!!
We did an afternoon in Santa Barbara too. Just playing at a favorite park and riding the carousel. We found a sweet family of turtles. We were hoping to have a surf lesson for Lily but the waves were not cooperating and every time we booked up the sea was flat.
We had so much fun in Carp we went again the following weekend. This time cousins came for the day at the beach. We may have wandered over to the Island Brewing Co for some post beach beverages. Cheers everybody to a great summer at the beach!

Of course we have some pretty good condo beach tricks too!

Friday, August 5, 2016

Newport Whale Watching

Talk about lucky! We got to go to Newport Beach for the day with Scarlett and Julie to try out their new whale watching boat!! Scarlett's Dad is part owner of a whale watching and sport fishing business and invited us down for the day.
All aboard mateys! We got the luxury treatment, first to board and front row seats!
These little crabs don't know how good they have it! They were more interested in the candy at the snack bar, which we did partake in as well. For quality control purposes of course.
Then it was time to cue the dolphin show! We were surrounded!
Don't worry we got plenty of blue humpback whale sightings in too before Captain Gemma took over.
Captain Lily was called in to find our way back to shore. I told you we had the luxury treatment.
After our 2 hour boat trip we had some lunch on the pier and then gave the rides a go! Gemma and I were properly scared on the ferris wheel!

Scarlett and Lily were just above to drop spit wads. No way!
Then for the grand rip off of $10 for 3 minutes we let them have a turn on the jumpy jellyfish.
Enjoy that jump, it's not like we have a trampoline at home.
This one was a mild version of the tower of terror. Not terrifying enough to scare this crew.
We needed a bit more nature before we closed the day so we did some fishing with Scarlett's Dad on the pier.
Gemma was the only tyke to catch a fish on her own.

Scarlett was more interested in playing with the bait!
It was a long day and we wore ourselves out! Not a bad summers day for the ladies!