Friday, August 5, 2016

Newport Whale Watching

Talk about lucky! We got to go to Newport Beach for the day with Scarlett and Julie to try out their new whale watching boat!! Scarlett's Dad is part owner of a whale watching and sport fishing business and invited us down for the day.
All aboard mateys! We got the luxury treatment, first to board and front row seats!
These little crabs don't know how good they have it! They were more interested in the candy at the snack bar, which we did partake in as well. For quality control purposes of course.
Then it was time to cue the dolphin show! We were surrounded!
Don't worry we got plenty of blue humpback whale sightings in too before Captain Gemma took over.
Captain Lily was called in to find our way back to shore. I told you we had the luxury treatment.
After our 2 hour boat trip we had some lunch on the pier and then gave the rides a go! Gemma and I were properly scared on the ferris wheel!

Scarlett and Lily were just above to drop spit wads. No way!
Then for the grand rip off of $10 for 3 minutes we let them have a turn on the jumpy jellyfish.
Enjoy that jump, it's not like we have a trampoline at home.
This one was a mild version of the tower of terror. Not terrifying enough to scare this crew.
We needed a bit more nature before we closed the day so we did some fishing with Scarlett's Dad on the pier.
Gemma was the only tyke to catch a fish on her own.

Scarlett was more interested in playing with the bait!
It was a long day and we wore ourselves out! Not a bad summers day for the ladies!

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