Sunday, September 11, 2016

Back to school my MATES

We didn't do a lot of back to school preparations. We pretty much just ignored it was coming until the last minute. Then we took a day to get hair cuts!
After much coercing we convinced Lily to chop it off and go back to the cute bob she had in Kindergarten. Gemma just had a couple inch trim. She took so long to grow hair she wasn't ready to part with it.
Then we headed to the mall for new kicks! When you wear uniforms to school all you have to show off is your shoes.
We had attended the back to school bash on the Sunday before school to find out who their teachers are for the year. Gemma was thrilled to get Mrs Gavin, the same teacher Lily had. She made a cute little treat for all the kids. Confetti to put under their pillow the night before school. Lily got Mrs. Klingerman for third grade. Most important to her she was in the class with her BFF's Scarlett and Brianna.
Then before we knew it the day had arrived. Gemma finally off to the same school with big Sis.
She was so proud and excited to wear her uniform.
Two little MATES sisters.
The big third grade girl. My how time has flown by!!
They made their way up the hill with one cheetah and one Dori backpack. Both bigger than the girls wearing them.
Two little girls with hearts of an eagle. Daddy walked Lily off to third grade although she didn't need much support or encouragement.
Gemma lined up proudly outside Mrs. Gavins door. They all waved goodbye to their parents and marched into the classroom. Not a tear was shed, from the children anyway. I did see a few parents being nearly dragged away from the door by the school principal!
It's been a great start to a new school year and the best time for these sisters being reunited again!

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