Friday, September 30, 2016

Gemma turns SIX !!!

Gemma was ready to turn six in a big way! She has matured so much over the last year that she was in T-K. I'm telling you this little spitfire needed the structure and discipline. Not that she is all rainbows and butterflies at home but we have seen a lot more maturity in her. She was SO excited to have her first friends party at a place. Since her birthday was on a Saturday this year it worked out perfectly.
We woke up and had the classic birthday breakfast of pancakes with M&M's with a side of bacon for good measure.
They take their pancake decorating very seriously.
Quite possibly the best day of her life. After a couple of hours it was time to head to Monarch's Gymnastics for her party. She invited all the girls in her new Kindergarten class, a few old friends, and cousins of course! I think there were 18 kids total.
They got some basic instructions and rules, then it was time to play!
There were a surprising number of kids in leotards and gymnastics wear. I thought for certain Lily and Gemma would be in the minority there.
Lily and her best friends Scarlett and Makayla. They have all included Gemma in their playdates and parties over the years so of course they were invited to Gemma's party.
She was grinning from ear to ear all day.

At the end of the play time Gemma got to fly in the air like Tinkerbell. She was so thrilled. Lily got to do the same at her gymnastics birthday and everyone was very jealous!
She got a gold medal and posed with all her friends. It was a nice way for her to get to know some of the new girls in her class. Everyone was hot and sweaty for sure.
Then it was time to relax with snacks and water. They really worked up an appetite.

Gemma chose to have a "Paw Patrol" theme party after one of her favorite shows.
We made a chocolate bone shaped cake with an icing photo of the characters and some figurines.
It was a big hit.
She was so excited she said she forgot to make a wish!
Everyone devoured the cake and had seconds.
The fun never ends. She could not wait to get home to open all her presents.
We have had a fun time playing with the pie in the face game Uncle E picked out.

Granny got her this gorgeous dress. She wore it for the next 3 days straight!
Granny, Grampy, and Goppy came back home with us to open gifts and stayed for dinner. It was such a fun filled day. Gemma is already scheming plans for her next birthday.
She also got to celebrate her birthday with her class. The Monday after her b-day she got to wear a bday crown and brought a treat for the class. She donated a book to her classroom, The Day The Crayons Quit. She also handed out ring pop suckers to her friends. She loved all the attention. 

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