Friday, October 28, 2016

Punkin Patch

After returning home from New Orleans it was full steam ahead into Fall and Halloween. Our two little pumpkins love all the things about holidays. We were waiting and waiting for a sort of cooler day to go to the pumpkin patch but realized that was not going to happen. With my whacky work schedule it didn't look like a visit to a pumpkin patch as a family was going to work. Until I came down with a mystery illness one Sunday which rendered me unable to work, but just fine to go to a farm....if you catch my drift.

We decided to find a new farm to visit that was a little less commercialized but more than just a street corner with a bouncy house. We drove out to Ventura and found a little gem.
I just love the look of these heritage pumpkins. They are so huge!!
They had a hay maze. I think it could have been just one tad taller but it was pretty good for these two. We all had a go and it took us about 10 minutes to make it through.
Of course we have to celebrate our success.
One can't pass up a face cut out photo op.
They had many tractors on display and even did a little tractor parade. I think we should measure kids in tires these days.
We all piled on for a hay ride. It was really just one big loop around the farm house and stables but better than nothing.
They had some really whacky gourds as well. Like a snozz-cucmber from the BFG.
One of the girls was cheerful and willing to pose. One of them not so much. Any guesses?

I think silly face might be a favorite pose.
Lily chose a little sweet stripey guy for her pumpkin.
Gemma was more interested in free wheelbarrow rides.

It was a pretty fun day.
Once we got home the ladies did the carving while the Dad cooked the supper.
Each girl drew her face design and then we carved them together. They even somewhat helped scooping out the guts this year. Thats a real gross out in the mind of a 6 & 8 year old.
Sweet and not too spooky. We washed and baked the seeds with salt but they really weren't too delish so they ended up in the bin.

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