Thursday, November 3, 2016

Happy Halloween

Some girls knew what they wanted to be for Halloween right from the start. Others had a hard time deciding. Guesses anyone?

The witch had her mind made up, picked out her costume, and stuck to it. The Calico Cat went around and around. You see, she has been a cat before, and an Ocelot which is like a cat. Now she wanted to be her favorite cat, the Calico, but they don't make any calico costumes. Mom to the rescue.
Lily's friends, Batgirl, Fairy, and Rey.
This is not an act folks. They are IN character,
Halloween started off with a bang. Costume parade and parties at school. Gemma's class was bursting with excitement.
It felt like the parade would never begin but finally they were on the march.
Leave it up to the music teacher, Mr. LaGuardia to steal the show. He really got into it.
Lily's class had a breakfast party after the parade and played games and did crafts.
Gemma's class had a lot of fun doing Halloween theme centers and snacks. They made pumpkin treats out of graham crackers.
Pretty tasty I guess.
They each got to pick a pumpkin from the "patch" and pose for a photo.
It was so cute to see what they all dressed as, Brooklyn went as the American flag.

Later that day it was round two for trick or treating.
We did a little green face paint for our witch.
Dad finally got home from work and turned into a werewolf!
We weren't afraid of him, no way!
I was sweet Dorothy with my red shoes and puppy in a basket. We headed over to Eric and Rach's for some good food with the gang.
Dumbledore and the giant pumpkin were there too!

The kids were a bit wrecked by the end of the photo shoot and this was the best I could get.

The group selfie might have cut out a few people but we were in a hurry to get out and get some candy at that point!
They are old pros at this thing now and really don't need us much.
There was a lot of loot at the end of the night and some sleepy kids had to head home because there was school in the morning!!

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