Saturday, November 12, 2016

My Two Hearts

There was a lot of fun this Fall. We will just wrap it up into one photo filled post. Gemma had some girl scout fun with an apple party event. They made caramel covered apples with the girls from the older troop. 
My smart, smart girl went for dark chocolate. Daddy taught her well.
They sang songs and did the friendship circle.
Lily got invited to a friends eight birthday party in a limo to a fancy dinner at her Dad's restaurant. She got all dressed up and we even curled her hair.
There were quite a few friends and cousins ready to pile into the limo.

Guess how many 8 year olds want a limo for their next birthday!?
October's heart of an eagle assembly had two Davis girls on stage!
They were so proud and excited and a little surprised. I had told them I was in the audience because I was volunteering that day.
They got a certificate, a free meal coupon and an eagle lunch bag!
Way to go Davis girls keep up the good work!

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