Thursday, December 29, 2016

Girls Together Again

It has been years and years since Meagan came to the states and the four of us APU girls got together. Meagan, Martin, Charlie and Kobe drove up from SanDiego where they were visiting family and we all met at the CA Science museum in LA. Jenn and Caeden met us as well as Robbin, Jason, Carsen and Collin.
Somehow the other girls had all boys and I had only girls! Caeden, Collin, Carsen, Lily, Gemma, Charlie and Kobe. I think the kids had more fun running around the rose garden than they did at the museum. It was pretty crowded.
 The touch pools with star fish were pretty popular. We also saw the space shuttle but I don't think the kids were too impressed. They all had a great time together.
 Meagan and fam came up to our house after the museum to stay over for a couple days. We got lucky with great weather the next day and went to the Channel Islands State park learning center and then the beach. My scuba girls.

 Beautiful skies! Of course we always plan on staying dry but that doesn't often happen. They had a lot of fun digging in the sand and collecting shells. We did our best and after a long day headed home for dinner.
 Sad it was time to go and say goodbye. Hopefully we will get to see our Cheeky boys this summer in England.

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