Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Holiday Happenings

We welcomed our elf Rosie back to our home on Dec 1st. She is as cute as ever and quite the little stinker!!! She made a swing out of a candy cane one night. 
It was really funny to find her version of Olaf the snowman. At least he won't melt in California.
She must really love Olaf because then she pretended to be him and posed with Anna and Elsa and the ice castle.
Rosie seems to be over heated in our CA winter so we found her bundled up in the fridge one morning. 
You know elves love sweets and Rosie is no exception. She had a whole mug full of peppermint marshmallows!
We were happy to unpack our holiday cocoa mugs! I am a firm believer everything tastes better in a holiday mug.
Let's talk about this mug for a minute!! It was filled with coffee topped with peppermint whip cream from my new pre-holiday whip cream maker.
We had a fun play date with Makayla at the little ice skating rink they set up at the Lakes by our house. We have never been before and the girls LOVED it. They did really well and were off on their own in no time.
No trainers to hold onto for this one!
There were the school Holiday parties on the last day before Christmas break. Gemma had a pajama party where they decorated gingerbread houses. There were piles and piles of candy for this little elf. 
It was fun to watch all their little personalities shine through in their work. Some were very meticulous and some just piled on more and more. Gemma was on team "more is better".
She got to sit next to her BFF  which pretty much just made her day.
Lily's class has been doing a unit based on the Velveteen rabbit. They had a fancy tea party wearing their finest clothes and eating finger sandwiches and tea. Well, lemonade for most. Lily and Gemma have been wearing "glasses" lately which are really frames with no lenses. 
Once we were finally on winter break we had time for some holiday baking. Santa's helpers love to add the final touches.
 Half landed in their mouths of course. They wanted to do sugar cut outs as well which was a messy messy fun experience. I think I had too much frosting and sprinkles on my hands to take a photo of that situation.
Rosie did some aerials and acrobatics for her last few nights before returning to the north pole with Santa on Christmas eve.
 She launched down the shade cord into the tree on a candy cane zip line. Oh to be an elf!

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