Saturday, December 17, 2016

Santa Cuties

The tradition continues! We have to make sure to fit in all the holiday fun! We met cousins at "our spot" to see Santa. We have been doing this since Ben was born and each year they get better and better. By that I mean less of the children end up in tears. This of course is a success but does not make for terribly exciting photos. 
Pre- Santa posing by the tree.  I love that Gwyn is wearing Gemma's previous Christmas dress. Keep passing them down! Gemma is wearing Lily's from the last two years. I guess it pays to be the oldest because you are the only one to get a new dress. Lily went for a holiday "jumper" this year, pair with a red skirt and kitty tights of course, with kitty sparkly shoes.
Santa was thrilled to see us all. I wish I had a photo of our entourage because we had two sets of grandparents and moms and a Dad. It takes 6 adults to watch four kids see Santa.
Goppy was on the nice list this year so she got to pose with Santa too.  I think she gets her Christmas wish because she gets to see all her kids and grandkids this Christmas!
These two little munchins brought their extensive computer print out wish lists complete with color photos in case Santa was unaware of any toy requests. Lily's wish is for a Fuji instant camera, a computer game SIMS, a robot zoomer kitty, a nerf bow and arrow.
Gemma's list is for a mermaid bikini swim suit, Moana lego sets, lip stick and make-up, and shoes.
Santa only brings one gift for each girl and boy because he has so many requests to fill all over the world. I hope we can behave up until Christmas so we get on the nice list!
Ben and Gwyn were so excited to see Santa and tell him what they want for Christmas too. I am sure they are on the nice list this year. They had so much fun and chatted away with good old Santa. Everyone got a candy cane and made a promise to behave!

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