Thursday, December 8, 2016

Sedona Part 2- Grand Canyon

It was up and at 'em bright and early on Tuesday for a drive to the Grand Canyon. We were a 2 hour drive away but when your this close to one of the wonders of the world you can't not go! The drive went by quickly and before you knew it we were at the South Rim visitors center. We got plenty of info and of course a junior ranger guide before we hit the trail. It was really crowded this close to Thanksgiving. At the popular look out points it was people everywhere.
Once you got away from the main view spots it wasn't nearly as bad, and no fences.
We decided to walk the 3 mile trail along the rim from one visitor center to the lodge. It was paved mostly and each spot had views better than the next. We had packed lunches and sat on the rocks over looking the canyon. Not a bad spot!!
It looked like we were sitting on a rock at the very edge of the canyon but there was actually another area about 3 feet below us. Lots of people gave us looks thinking we were hanging out with our kids on the edge of death!

One good thing about crowds is there are plenty of people to take pictures of the whole family.
This was the money shot. Everyone took turns posing with their family on this spot. Sweeping views as far as you can see.
We finished up our hike and headed back to the visitor center to turn in our ranger booklet and get sworn in. They had a lot of fun doing all the activities in the book.
It was getting late and we had a long drive home but we managed to stop at the last spot for some sunset views of the canyon.

Along with 200 other people. Well, maybe not 200 but it was popular.
We made it back in one piece tired from our long day.
We took it easy the next morning. Made some final souvenir decisions and had lunch at a cafe looking out at snoopy rock.
Mr. Gray Fox joined us for lunch. He was Lily's souvenir purchase.
We went to the tourist info center for some more hike maps and advice for trails with kids. They had some great suggestions so we did an afternoon hike on Fay Canyon trail.
It took a little coaxing and maybe some hot tub promising to get these two moving. Then they were our trail guides named Roger 1 and Roger 2. 
Hikes are a great chance to catch up and chat with your Dad. How much longer will they be willing to hold our hands as we march along?

Stunning red rock views all around us. The pictures just don't do the colors justice.
The end of the trail leads you to this steep rocky climbing spot. One thing you should know by now, climbing rocks is the best thing ever.
The view from the top was amazing.
The late afternoon shade didn't allow you to see the full extent of the canyon.
Just having a granola bar up here. They are pretty good hiking motivation too. The final reward was back to the condo to swim and hit the hay.
The next morning was Thanksgiving! This little pilgrim made her hat at school the last day. She made an Indian one with feathers for Lily. We had breakfast and took our time. We loved our trips to Palm Springs the last few times because they have delicious grapefruit trees you can just help yourself to. We had to buy them at the store this time for our breakfast to keep the tradition.
Then we headed out to Broken Arrow trail. More hiking? Yes, every day hiking here in Sedona.
We passed a trail called Twin Buttes which caused a lot of laughter for these two twin butts.

Can you spot the two little Waldo's in this picture? I'll give you a hint, one is in blue and the other in pink.
There were tons of hikers out on the trail getting some exercise before a day of eating.

We made it to the top to chicken point. It was great at the top and plenty of people to take your pictures up here.
Chicken Point with Gray fox.
Lots of 4 wheel drive vehicles and jeep tours come up this way and then take some steep and nerve wrecking paths down the rocks. We didn't take a jeep tour although they look like  a lot of fun and are really popular.
This one might look a lot like a Christmas card picture.
After a rest we made our way back down to hit the hot tub one more time before our Thanksgiving dinner at the condo. We made roast chicken (in the crock pot) with all the trimmings. It was pretty good! Too bad it was back on the road the next day to get home to work and our pup!

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  1. Great pictures! I see what you mean, it did look like you were on the edge of death. Doh