Thursday, December 8, 2016


We booked a trip for over Thanksgiving to Sedona AZ over a year ago. We weren't sure I would be able to get a whole week off work around a holiday to go but luck was on our side. We left bright and early Sat AM the weekend before Thanksgiving. It is about an 8 hour drive, most of it pretty boring. 
We made it to Phoenix around lunch time so we stopped at a classic, cracker barrel for lunch.
We realized at cracker barrel that no one in the family besides me knows how to play checkers! What! We bought a small set of checkers in the gift shop and it became our game of the week. They even had a giant set at our condo. We stayed in the Sedona Summit timeshare. It was pretty nice. We arrived late afternoon, got settled in and hit the hot tub of course!
Sunday AM we woke and headed to Red Rock State Park. They had a guided nature hike starting just as we arrived so it couldn't have been more perfect. It was a cool misty morning which is a nice change for us Californians. Fun to wear some layers.
Our little nature explorers had a good time and the guide taught us a lot about the area. We went over  Black Hawk Crossing which is a little bridge in the stream. Pretty exciting. We played Pooh sticks in every bridge that week. The girls had forgotten what Pooh sticks are. You each drop a stick upstream off the bridge then watch it wash under the bridge downstream and see which one wins.
The hike lasted about 2 hours with all the stops and information. I think it was about 3.5 miles total. It was the Coyote Ridge Trail to Apache House of Fire. 
The tour hike ended at the Wedding Tree. We finished up close to lunch time so we stopped at the visitor center to have some snacks and the girls participated in the junior ranger program. You fill out a booklet answering lots of questions and activities. Then you get sworn in as a Jr Ranger and get a badge. They had a lot of fun.
On our way out of Red Rock State park we stopped by Crescent Moon Ranch. It is another hike that leads to great views of Cathedral Rock.
It was pretty crowded and popular when we first arrived. You can see why, it has great views. Cathedral Rock in the back.
We made it to the end of the trail and you can run around an area which huge smooth red rocks. The girls LOVED this part. Lily was feeling like an old grouch on the trail whining and moaning, then we reached the rock area and we couldn't get her to leave. They ran forever and did cartwheels on the rocks. It started to sprinkle and that cleared up most of the other hikers. We ended up with the place to ourselves so we stayed and played.

Our family selfie.

Gemma was way more into posing and playing along.

By the time we got back to the condo we were pooped and chilly!! Our place just happened to have the worlds biggest tub built for three!! There were no jets but we made do with bubbles. Of course we had to have hot cocoa with peppermint the tub!
The next day was forecast for rain all day which we knew ahead of time so we planned to do a little exploring in the town. It wasn't really heavy rain just sprinkling for most of the day. We went to a fun little coffee shop with amazing views from the patio! Even in the rain it was impressive.
We spotted Snoopy Rock in the distance and took time to write our postcards to friends and family. You can see the outline of snoopy lying down on his back with the profile of his snout with nose, belly and feet.
We're getting better at those selfies! HA!
The joys of family vacation. You have to drag your kids to places they hate so they can complain about you for the rest of their lives. We drove up to Chapel of the Holy Cross which is a little Catholic church built into the side of the rocky mountain. It is beautiful. It was a little chilly.
Views for days. Everywhere you look in Sedona is another beautiful rock formation.
We drove north of town across a Midgley bridge. You can stop and go under the bridge and there are trails from there too.
So many fall colors all over the trees. The rain was starting to clear and the sun fought to burst through making gorgeous light shows on the scenery below.
Scrambling on the rocks is such fun.
Now were really getting good at selfies. I ended up forgetting my good camera at home for the trip so it was iphone shots only. Oh well, one less thing to carry.
The sign as you enter Sedona from the North.

We drove back into town to look at the shops and of course plot our souvenir purchases carefully. 
The sky cleared up into the most gorgeous view with blue and patches of fluffy white! This place is a photographers dream.
We finished up and went back to the condo to hit the pool again before dinner and bed.

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  1. You have to know how to play checkers, glad you taught them! Love the family selfie. And peppermint marshmallow hot chocolate, well played.